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The 5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sewing machines have advanced a lot over the years. The ones that had to be operated only by hand progressed to those with pedals which made it much easier to stitch as both sides were free.

With the spread of electrification, electric sewing machines came into existence. Soon, so many electronic models made sewing not just easy but also a fun activity for many.

Today they have become so small in size that they fit inside your palm. You can carry the handheld machines wherever you want and mend your clothes. With the best handheld sewing machine, you can mend your curtains without even taking them off.

You can repair your pants within a short time. You can carry it on travel and repair your dress in case of an emergency without finding a tailor. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Handheld Sewing Machines

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines Reviews

1. N/A2 Handy Stitch handheld sewing machine

N/A2 Handy Stitch handheld sewing machine

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Brand N/A2
Color White
Material Plastic
Speed  2500 RPM
Operates using 4xAA Batteries
Weight 11.5 ounces
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 2 inches

Key Features

Handheld sewing machines are easy to use. This sewing machine is made with plastic which makes it portable. It offers some extraordinary sewing machine facilities and features as well.

This sewing machine has a compact handheld sewing machine that is 20.5×6.5x3cm. It has a needle threader and puts in 2 additional pointers. With that, it also has to measure tape, a string cutter, and 10 protection pins.  Regulates utilizing 4xAA batteries or A DC6V 800mA energy adaptor (not included).

This can operate at an amount of 2500 RPM with a stitch duration of 0.5mm. QR Code for ‘How to’, along with teachings. However, this machine can fulfill minor necessities. The handheld sewing machine is prepared from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, which makes the appliance strong. The device also includes electronic elements entirely analyzing 11.5oz.

It makes sure that the handheld sewing machine is in a locked situation before packing mortars or before connecting the adapter for security. Thus, you have to stitch with dignity and then wrap a twist to ensure you do not miss stitches as this is a single-string sewing machine.


  • Convenient
  • Cordless handheld sewing machine.
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate


  • Perform less work than others.

2. PettaAiu Handheld Sewing machine

PettaAiu Handheld Sewing machine

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Brand PettaAiu
Material Plastic
Power  4x AA Batteries
Weight 7.7oz
Dimensions 8.82 x 5.35 x 2.05 inches

Key Features

Handheld sewing machines are recommended for beginners. This sewing machine provides some excellent features.

This is a very great quality which makes less noise. The output of the sewing machine utilizes alternative plastic equipment. The sewing string can be accurately regulated by modifying the wheel and the tightness of the sewing string can be modified by pressure control. The use of soft noise will not annoy others’ sleep.

If the clothing is crushed, they don’t desire to be taken off and can be immediately stitched with one hand. Now comes the fabric and applications. This product can be utilized to sew wall curtains, DIY neat elements, personal clothes, and so on. it is on-elastic for non-elastic dense cloths such as cotton, linen, denim, canvas, and more.  All the features ensure the durability of the sewing machine.

The simple operation of the product is so amazing. It is useful for sewing. Simple to perform and it can be utilized through the manual, starting on the line can be expended, the runner opens the presser bottom, the shuttle core is spotted horizontally, automatic routing.

This sewing machine is compatible with a battery or electricity.


  • Stitch Tool for Fabric.
  • Travel friendly.


  • It takes time to operate

3. Sidden Gold Handheld Sewing Machine

Sidden Gold Handheld Sewing Machine

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Brand SiddenGold
Material Plastic
Power Source Electric
Manufacturer SiddenGold
Dimensions 8.86 x 5.55 x 2.01 inches

Sidden Gold is one of the renowned handheld sewing machine brands. You will be satisfied with the advantages of this sewing machine.

Key Features

High quality and low noise product with no interference. This manufacturing method is precise, the stitching thread can be precisely managed by adjusting the wheel, and the tightness of the stitching thread can also be adjusted and controllable. It’s convenient for noise-free usage. The physique is small and light and can be operated with one hand.

If the garments are broken, they can be sewed without delay with one hand. The machine can sew pretty much everything. It can be used to sew wall curtains, DIY small items, private clothes, etc. It is also appropriate for non-elastic dense fabric like cotton, linen, denim, wool, felt, canvas, etc.

The machine can easily be operated with the help of the manual mounted on the line, the runner opens the presser foot, the shuttle core is positioned horizontally, and automated routing. Electronic and battery operation. The sewing machines can be easily used with batteries, except for the *AA batteries only.  It gives incredible structures and faculty.


  • For Beginner
  • Home DIY
  • Travel friendly


  • Sometimes it becomes very tough to sew it straight.

4. RUIFENGHandheld Sewing Machine

RUIFENGHandheld Sewing Machine

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Color White
Material Plastic
Power  DC 6V 600 MA
Battery powered 4 AA batteries
Dimensions 8.78 x 5.94 x 2.24 inches

Key Features

This handheld sewing machine is very elegant and it can be located in the palm or in a purse, which can shortly fix up your clothes, silk, leather, etc. outdoors or during the trip.

This handheld sewing machine can overhaul damaged spots without removing clothes, and it can sew curtains on shafts.

The handheld sewing machine is further acceptable for children and this can expand children’s practice routines and train them in sewing techniques. An amazing festival prize. A portable sewing machine is an excellent gift for partners who are curious about DIY incredible arts

You can adjust the thread tension. If stitching is too packed, turn tension control narrowly to the left. Or if the stitching is too loose, turn tension control slightly to the right.

It is acceptable for fabric, clothing, silk, jeans, leather, denim, wool, pants curtains, cracks, toys, and so on. You can also sew draping curtains. This is a logical gift also. A sewing machine can perfectly figure out minor sewing complications and you can give it to your companions and family.


  • Easy to carry
  • Work quickly
  • Can sew indoors or on travel


  • Not durable

5. SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable

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Material Metal
Weight 0.39 Pounds
Power Source Battery Powered
Country of Origin USA
Dimensions 2.25″D x 9″W x 7.5″H

Key Features

An excellent portable design. Simple to hold up with the ergonomic design. You can effortlessly solve the sewing difficulty while the emergency problem of immediate disconnection. The portable sewing machine is a decent friend for life. It has two power modes. You can quickly use 4AA batteries for the power supply or utilize direct current (batteries and charging cable not included).

You can select according to your desires. It is easy to utilize, after installing the batteries or plugging in the power source, you only require to press the power button to use it

This is widely utilized and simple to operate. The small household sewing machine is desirable for clothes, uniforms, pants, jeans, T-shirts, and wall hangings.

Learners can also utilize it, children can prepare DIY products, hankie, and more. It can also refine the good habits of children hands-on and add extra entertainment. The equipment is complete and you can use it immediately without purchasing other stuff. A hand-held sewing machine can faultlessly solve minor sewing difficulties and you can give it to your companions and family.


  • Easy to operate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good features
  • Well-built
  • Lightweight


  • It gets hot sometimes.
  • Weak mechanism.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Handheld Sewing Machine

Things to Consider Before Buying a Handheld Sewing MachinePrice & Brand 

It is a known fact that a good brand will cost more. So if you are looking for a good quality handheld sewing machine, then it is better to pay a little extra.

But if you are only looking to try your hand at sewing and see if you have a flair for it, then you can start with a low-priced brand.

However, don’t go for too low a price or a new brand. You may find it challenging to use and lose your interest in learning sewing, 

Ease of use

The biggest advantage of a handheld sewing machine is that it is very easy to use. You don’t have to know sewing to use one of these machines. All you need to do is to buy one and start using it.

If you are starting to learn sewing, then the Singer 01663 is the ideal one for you with ease of use and a sturdy body being its features.

Needle Feature

The needle is the most important feature of a sewing machine. It is the same in a handheld machine too. You must inspect the needle very well to see if the needle will give the performance that you need. The eye of the needle needs to be inspected closely to see if it will withstand. The quality of the needle will tell you if the machine is worth buying.

Low power consumption

A conventional sewing machine can be a power guzzler. If you want to reduce your power bills, then the best option is the handheld sewing machine — most of these work with normal batteries, which will last for quite a while. Even if you are using the AC adapter, the consumption is much less compared to the desktop sewing machine. These handheld models are excellent money-savers.

Perfect hold

The main aspect of these machines is that they are all handheld. This means that the hold is a very important factor that you must consider when buying one. You must be able to hold the machine in your hand conveniently. This will not only give you comfort but also keep the machine steady for an even stitch. A steady hold is also necessary if you want to get the stitches straight. 

Speed of Sewing

A slow-speed machine is best for beginners. You may not be able to move the fabric or observe the stitching if the movement is too fast. It is only when you have become an expert that you will be able to use a high-speed machine. This is another reason why handheld machines are best for beginners.


For the people who will be carrying the machine with them for work, weight is a very big issue. For people like fashion designers and interior decorators, it is essential to carry the unit with them. These handheld machines are very lightweight, and so this is one big advantage. However, it is better to check the weight before you buy one.


Whether it is a small machine or a large one, you must have an adequate safeguard for the money you spend. This is where the warranty is necessary. Ensure that the machine you buy carries an adequate warranty. You must see that you will get the quality that is promised or get your money back. Please read the conditions to see if any conditions will make your warranty void.


The list of machines has been provided to you for making an informed decision about the best handheld sewing machine wisely. All the features have been mentioned in the list of machines given. Though many other machines are available, they have been selected as they are the best of the lot and have all the features you want.

A handheld sewing machine is surely worth the money you spend because you can get many things done with it. It is the ideal tool for small repairs, mending your draperies without removing them, or repairing your dress in a hurry. These machines also help in stitching places that are difficult to be reached by the bigger machines.

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