A Short List of Sewing Terms

When you start out learning to sew, there are many sewing terms used to both provide instruction as well as describe various processes. After you have been sewing for a

School Uniform Measurements

Many parents are already thinking about additional purposes for their children’s old school uniforms, despite school being just about to end. There are certain measurements needed for school uniforms that

Hot for Haute Couture

For most of the world, haute couture is mysterious clothing seen on celebrities, royalty, and the very wealthy. Because of the secrecy surrounding this exclusive garment production, few people know

Tips for Tailoring Prom Dresses

It’s prom season! Come April through June, you can always count on a few prom dresses coming through your shop doors. Help your clients look their best this season. Here

How to Choose an Iron

Many sewers agree, if you’re not spending the same amount of time at both your sewing machine and your ironing board, then you are cheating yourself and your customers out

Sewing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are great for gift-giving and making fun crafts! Here are some super easy tips and tricks for keeping DIY Christmas gifts stress-free. Need some extra space? – We

Lessons Learned From a Life of Sewing

When sewing becomes your job, your hobby, and your life – it’s not surprising you’ll end up learning a lot of life lessons. Here is what we at The Sewing

Guide to Use Elastic

Elastic can be used for many projects and garments. It is perfect for keeping clothes in place. There are many varieties of elastic that each has their own unique purpose.

Your Guide to Scissors, Shears, and Trimmers

Employing the appropriate set of scissors can simplify the execution of your task. If a pair of general cutting scissors are no longer effective, it may be necessary to explore

Where Can I Buy A Cheap Sewing Machine?

You will find sewing machines at a variety of prices. And, the efficiency and features of the machines vary by their prices. People collect sewing machines depending on the purpose.

How to Gather Fabric with a Sewing Machine

The gathering is one of the sewing techniques used to create ruffles in projects like blouses, skirts, puffed sleeves, or other dresses. The gathering is an art of bunching up

How to Prepare A Sewing Machine

Tame thread problems, learn how to prepare your machine with this shown tutorial guide. I am going to display you how to thread your sewing machine while preventing some common

How to Make Sewing Look Professional?

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you saw a garment and immediately concluded that it is made at home? Homemade clothing has no doubt been there since times immemorial,

How To Use An Old Sewing Machine?

We all know that all sewing machines have a fundamental mechanism. But, the things that vary in the old and modern sewing machines are their set-ups and the process of

7 Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Tips

When you are using a machine, there will be trouble after a few uses. That doesn’t mean the sewing machine requires servicing. It could very well mean you haven’t set

How Does A Mechanical Sewing Machine Work?

You can mainly divide sewing machines into two different categories in the sewing industry, such as as- computerized sewing machines and mechanical sewing machines. And, as you can see, this

How To Use An Old Singer Sewing Machine

Vintage sewing machines are intriguing, and you should be considered if they have one in your collection. The singer is one of the best reputable sewing machine manufacturers, who doesn’t

How To Sew Denim With A Sewing Machine

Most people try to avoid denim fabric because it is thick, meaning that its thicker seams are much harder to work with. However, sewing denim is not that difficult if

How to Use a Coverstitch Machine : 7 Easy Steps

Most people mistakenly assume that coverstitch machines are the same as sergers and while the two may look exactly the same, there are some differences. Coverstitch machines are special sewing

How to Embroider With a Sewing Machine?

If you are in the mood of doing something creative and experimental with your sewing machine, then here we have a guide for you to embroider with a regular sewing

How To Oil a Sewing Machine?

Your mighty sewing machine needs maintenance, which means cleaning and oiling. How often you should clean it depends on the frequency of its use. Sewing experts suggest you oil your

How to Use a Handheld Sewing Machine?

We are sure you have seen advertisements for a handheld sewing machine and wondered, can anyone really sew with this? Yes, you most assuredly can. Although a low-end sewing machine

How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine

Threading a sewing machine and winding its bobbin is a must before getting down to any sewing project. The process of winding the bobbin as well as threading the top

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine?

Did you buy yourself a brother sewing machine? That’s splendid! If you are a newbie in handling a sewing machine, then we are at your service. You could be unfamiliar

How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine?

As unique as the name is, a Necchi sewing machine has an attribution of making 20 different stitch designs. Isn’t that incredible? Also, I truly like the name. However, there’s

How To Make Sewing Machine Lift?

If you want to make the sewing process convenient, making a mechanical lift for you is surely an excellent idea! Some people love to perform DIY constantly. If you are

How to Understand Sewing Pattern Symbols

So you have everything set to begin sewing: a sewing machine and several fabrics. You have even bought or downloaded a pattern for something you want to create. However, you

Parts of Sewing Machine & Their Functions

A Sewing machine is the most significant machine for the day-to-day activities of human life. It is an important part of the garment manufacturing industry as well. Home sewing machines

How to Do Monogramming With Sewing Machine

A monogram is a design or motif that consists of two or more alphabetic letters, usually, initials, which are laid out either on stationery through printing or clothing through embroidering.

How To Sew Without A Sewing Machine

Not everyone knows how to sew by hand. Many have chosen not to learn due to the common belief that sewing by hand is complicated and time-consuming. However, this is

How Does a Sewing Machine Work?

What else do you know about the sewing machine except that it makes deafening noises in its way to the service? Without us realizing it, this humble apparatus works extensively

How To Fix Sewing Machine Handwheel?

It’s nothing unusual to find your sewing machine malfunctioning in its prolonged service period. Specifically, if your handwheel is acting up now, follow our guide for repairing it by yourself!

How to Make a Drop in Sewing Table

If you have never worked on quilts or other large sewing projects, a large, dedicated sewing table might seem extraordinary for the job. However, the large surface area makes it

How Do Computerized Sewing Machines Work

Manual sewing can be a heavy task considering that it requires a lot of intelligence to come up with beautifully stitched designs. However, in this day and age of computers,

How to Improve Your Sewing?

Sewing is not just a practical skill; it has a sweet, artistic component to it. That is why we all appreciate a well-made piece of cloth item. Remember that you

Winning Strategies to Use for Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is one of the essential household items in use these days. People utilize it for business purposes as well i.e. selling clothes that are hand-stitched. For this

How to Change a Sewing Machine Needle

A sewing machine is a common household item found in every traditional family. Like other electronics, your sewing machine needs maintenance and care too. If you realize you are getting

How to Thread an Industrial Sewing Machine

There are two major types of sewing machines. The common ones found in homes for sewing hobbyists are domestic machines and are known for their versatility. Although more powerful, industrial

How To Make a Sewing Machine Cover?

We are sure all the sewists out there at least once wanted to make a cover for their favorite sewing machine. How endearing as a wish is that? There are

How To Sew a Patch With a Sewing Machine?

Patches make a garment look chic. We usually add or sew patches on shirts, jackets, and jeans. Whatever garment you have now in your hand from those three, you can

How To Thread A Dressmaker Sewing Machine?

For those who don’t know this, the dressmaker sewing machine isn’t any kind of separate sewing machine brand. In the beginning, it was a product of a singer, and then

How to Set Up a Sewing Machine?

Did your most desired sewing tool just arrive at your hand? And you are not quite sure how to set up the machine? That’s no problem! We can save your

5 Benefits of Sewing Skills

Have you ever sewed in your life? Are you still contemplating whether you should get that sewing machine that you always see your friend using? Well, get it as soon

How To Monogram With A Basic Sewing Machine?

People are always embroidering by using their regular or basic sewing machine. If you are targeting doing some monograms, you can do it with your regular sewing machine! Besides, to