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The 08 Best Fabric Markers – Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the best and easiest ways to transform that plain t-shirt or handbag that you always avoid is a beautiful piece of artwork using fabric markers.

This is quite easy if you have a wild and creative side, which will help you embellish these garments or fabrics in general, with unique, colorful, and personal designs that will make you stand out.

This will also help you stop avoiding these items because they will no longer be boring. To do this, though, you will need the best markers for the job.

Choosing the best fabric markers should be an easy task because, well, pens are pens. However, it is quite tough because there are many pens to choose from, and they all have slight differences that make them suitable for different types of uses.

Therefore, you need to understand these markers’ features and what they mean, regarding the benefits they offer you, to choose the best ones. Below is a list of some of the best markers, showing the benefits of some of their best features.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Fabric Markers

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 8 Best Fabric Markers Reviews

1. Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers

Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers

This crafts 4 all marker set contains 24 markers with different vibrant colors that range from rainbow colors to earth colors and fluorescent colors.

The vibrancy of these colors is achieved by using high-quality German ink on the inside of each pen. This ink is a deeply colored pigment designed to leave deep-colored marks on fabrics, which are fade-resistant and will last for a long time.

The ink is also designed to dry quickly and permanently, and thus, fabrics can be worn almost immediately after marking. The permanent marks created are machine washable, which means they won’t discolor or fade off due to washing.

Versatility is incorporated into each marker’s design in the form of a bullet tip, perfect for fine writing. This makes each marker ideal for creating doodles, sketching, underlining, and outlining, among many other functions. You can draw or write almost anything on your fabric using this pen.

This versatile use is not limited to fabrics. You can also use pens for other forms of art and crafts such as paper art, which further extends their versatility.

The pens are non-toxic, which makes them safe for use by toddlers because they will not cause harm if they lick the tips as they use them in their drawing or coloring books.

Features at a glance

  • Non-toxic marker ink and thus, are safe for kids.
  • The set contains 24 markers of different colors.
  • It is made using German dye ink, which is deeply pigmented and creates deeply pigmented marks.
  • Creates weatherproof markings, which are also machine washable.
  • Dries quickly to form permanent letterings and symbols.
  • Fine bullet tips make the pen very versatile.

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2. Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers Pens 

Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers Pens 

This set of 12 marker pens is quite versatile. Each pen has a tip on both sides, with a fine tip and a chisel tip. The fine tip enables you to draw outlines, doodles, sketches, and other writings that require small lines.

On the other hand, the chisel tip is for thick lines, such as writing customized words on fabrics in bold format or shading/coloring inside drawn shapes. This enables you to do every kind of customized writing/drawing using a single set.

Each pen contains a deeply pigmented ink that is designed to produce richly colored pigment markings on every stroke. This means that you will get to show your creative side in the best way possible, be it in marking your clothes, handbags, sneakers, or even baby gear.

Apart from being vibrant, each of the markers’ strokes is designed to last for a long because the ink produces high quality, high color retention marks, which will remain colorful all through. Therefore, you can machine wash the fabric and still expect the markings to retain their deep colors without fading at all.

They can also be used in various arts and crafts projects such as paper art, graffiti, and calligraphy, which gives you more versatility regarding use.

Features at a glance

  • The pens have dual tips, each with its own lid, and thus, you won’t color yourself by mistake with the tip pointing you.
  • 12 dual tip pens essentially mean you have 24 pens, though 2 are of the same color.
  • It is made using high-quality, deeply pigmented, and high retention ink that does not fade over time.
  • Water-based ink is non-toxic and, therefore, safe for child use.
  • Washer proof and weatherproof.

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3. Best Fabric Markers (PACK OF 24 PENS) Non-Toxic  

Best Fabric Markers (PACK OF 24 PENS) Non-Toxic  

These pens are designed not only for fabrics but also for hundreds of other surfaces. On fabrics, you can write in denim, cotton, and polyester, among many others.

This gives you the flexibility to customize your fabrics and, later on, extend your crafts, such as graffiti and calligraphy, to your bedroom walls or shoes, just for fun.

They are designed with bullet tips that leave fine lines and do not break apart easily due to the minimal contact with these surfaces.

However, bullet tips are quite versatile and can be precision-controlled to achieve thick or thin lines. This means that they have multiple uses, which range from drawing doodles to coloring/shading.

You can even let your kids explore their creative side using these markers without worrying about them tasting the “tempting” bright colors. They are made using non-toxic ink, which makes them safe for use by children of all ages.

This ink is also machined washable. It dries up quickly to form permanent makings, which means you can wash your fabrics without worrying about your drawings or writings fading off.

These markings are deeply colored due to the deep pigment in this high-quality ink, giving you a very vibrant and long-lasting artistic work.

Features at a glance

  • It comes as a 24 pen set of markers with different colors ranging from one of the rainbow spectrum to the other.
  • Bullet tips make them more versatile in terms of use.
  • Tips are designed to work on hundreds of surfaces.
  • Non-toxic ink makes them safe for child use.
  • Dries quickly to form permanent markings, which are machine washable.

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4. Tulip 28976 Bullet Tip  

Tulip 28976 Bullet Tip  

These tulip fabric markers come in a 20 pack set, with the pens having an assorted range of rainbow colors that are bright and vibrant. They are packaged in a reusable plastic pouch, which is quite strong and makes it easier for transportation so that you can engage your creative side anytime you need to.

Additionally, the pouch makes storage easy because it can be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall, with all the pens safely tucked inside so that they do not get lost.

The markers have bullet tips, which are fine tips that are designed not to snag on fabrics. Bullet tips can be precision-tuned by tilting the pen to achieve thin or thick lines, making them very versatile because you can color and draw fine lines, for instance, in doodle drawing. This means you get an all-in-one pen for all kinds of writing or drawing crafts.

The brightly colored ink in these pens is designed to dry quickly, permanently, and naturally. It does not require a heat source to set permanently but still creates deeply pigmented and long-lasting marks that are machine washable and do not fade over time.

Features at a glance

  • Pens contain non-toxic ink, which is safe for use by kids of all ages.
  • Bullet tips make them more versatile.
  • It comes as a set of 20 assorted rainbow-colored marker pens.
  • Ink dries quickly to form permanent markings, which are machine washable.
  • It is packaged in a reusable plastic pouch for convenient storage and transportation.

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5. Fabric Markers with Permanent Brilliant Colors By Creative Joy  

Fabric Markers with Permanent Brilliant Colors By Creative Joy  

This marker set contains 12 marker pieces that are differently colored and closely mirror the whole rainbow spectrum’s vibrant color set.

You get a red, green, mint green, brilliant blue, sky blue, deep violet, purple, lemon yellow, orange, brown, warm gray, and black pen, and this gives you a wide variety of colors for various projects such as coloring sneakers, drawing on jackets and shading t-shirts.

Each marker in the set has two tips, one on each side. One side is bullet-tipped for fine and more precise drawings, which is ideal for drawing thinly lined artwork such as doodles.

The other side is chisel tipped for broad markings, enabling you to do shading or coloring with ease. This means that you get a very versatile pen capable of working in both the precise and broad drawing world of arts and crafts.

Both ends use the same link, which is located in the middle of the pen. This ink is designed to stick permanently on any fabric to create deeply pigmented markings that are washable and do not fade over time, even after multiple washes. However, the fabrics should be washed in cold water because hot or warm water might wear off the ink, causing it to wash off slowly by slowly.

Features at a glance

  • It comes as a 12 color set of various colors found in the rainbow spectrum.
  • Dual tip pen. It has a bullet tip and a chisel tip (one on each end).
  • It contains non-toxic ink, which makes them suitable for both adults and children of all ages.
  • Washable but only using cold water to prevent fading.

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6. Crafts 4 All Dual-Tip Permanent Fabric Markers 

Crafts 4 All Dual-Tip Permanent Fabric Markers 

This is one of the smallest packs you will ever find of fabric markers. It contains only 2 pens, and both are black markers. It is a good set for the monochromatic type of person who is a big fan of black or dull-colored fabrics.

The pens are usable on all fabrics and designed to prevent any form of bleeding and, thus, the pens won’t mess up your art just when you are about to finish and let it dry.

They contain high-quality German fabric ink, which is machine washable and fade resistant but must be washed with water that does not exceed 30’C.

Additionally, this ink is non-toxic, making the pens usable by adults and kids of all ages. This means you can let your young toddlers or siblings explore their artistic side without close monitoring.

Both pens have dual tips, with one on each end. The fine tip end enables you to work on fine writings and drawings, while the chisel tip on the other side is perfect for thick markings. This versatility enables you to write and draw fine details and color them simultaneously using the same pen.

Features at a glance

  • Strong black-colored ink can be used to hide stains in black fabrics.
  • It is made using high-quality German ink, which creates permanent markings that are fade-resistant.
  • Machine washable with water that does not exceed 30’C.
  • It comes as a 2 pack, containing 2 black markers
  • Dual tip pens containing both a fine tip and broad tip end.

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7. Super Markers 20 Unique Colors Dual Tip Fabric by US Art Supply  

Super Markers 20 Unique Colors Dual Tip Fabric by US Art Supply  

This marker pen set is probably the most versatile one you will get. It contains 20 uniquely colored markers, with each having dual tips.

This gives you a versatile set of markers that can draw both fine and thick lines and in 20 different colors. This wide range of options is the best thing to gift the most artistic person, you know.

The rainbow range of intense colors in these pens is achieved due to the high-quality, richly pigmented inks they have. The pen tip is designed to transfer this deep pigment in its full form to the fabrics and, thus, leave you with vibrant markings, which are permanent and long-lasting.

This ink is non-toxic, making the markers safe for use by children of all ages. The pens conform to ASTM D4236 and EN71 certifications for art products, meaning that they are not hazardous, and thus, you do not have to worry if you find your young child with colored ink in his or her mouth.

However, this does not mean that you should let him or her continue eating the tips away. The non-toxicity is just precautionary, so you should train the youngsters to refrain from chewing these “tempting” colors.

Features at a glance

  • It comes as a set of 20 colored pens.
  • Each pen has a fine tip and a broad tip that makes it more versatile.
  • The ink forms permanent markings that resist fading from washing.
  • Non-toxic ink makes them safe for use by children of all ages.

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8. Tulip 31649 Permanent Nontoxic Fabric Markers  

Tulip 31649 Permanent Nontoxic Fabric Markers  

This 10 pack of differently colored marker pens are conveniently packaged in a plastic pouch that makes it easy to store them and transport them. This means that you get a safe storage place, where there is a low possibility of some pens getting lost.

You also get to carry your markers easily so that you can have constant access to them to explore your creative side from wherever you are.

The 10 pens contain neon-colored ink, which is securely stored inside the marker to prevent bleeding. This means that the tip only dispenses the right amount of ink, and thus, you get sharp lines that result in the beautifully finished artwork.

Additionally, each pen has a bullet tip, which means that you get crispier lines perfect for creating doodles and thinly lined writings on different fabrics.

They have non-toxic ink, making them safe for use by children of all ages. The ink is also permanent on fabrics and will leave machine washable drawings or writings.

These ink markings do not need heat treatment for permanent settings, yet; they do not fade even after continued washing over time. However, for the ink to dry permanently, it must be left to set for 24 hours without washing or contact with water.

Features at a glance

  • Bullet tips make the pens very versatile. They can be precisely tilted to form thick or thin lines.
  • Designed to reduce bleeding, and thus, you get to produce neat work.
  • Must dry for at least 24 hours before washing.
  • It comes as a pack of 10 markers, with differently colored neon ink inside.
  • Non-toxic ink makes them safe for use by children.

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Are You Looking For Fabric Markers? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Fabric MarkersBefore investing in any fabric marker, ensure you check the following.

Ink quality

Ink quality plays a vital role in the artistic work that you produce. Low-quality ink will not look good because it will have pale colors.

However, high-quality, deep pigment ink will produce deeply colored art, which will look rich and very colorful.

Before purchasing any marker, ensure that it has high-quality ink so that your drawings and colorings portray your artistic skills in the best way possible.


The number of markers also greatly determines the quality of your work. The more they are and of different colors, the more options that you will have to complete and portray the idea exactly as it was on your mind.

Color retention

Ideally, the fabric should retain the marker’s original color, even after several cleaning cycles. This can only be achieved if the markers contain bright ink, which should also be deeply pigmented. Therefore, this property is directly linked to the ink quality property, and both are vital to showcasing the quality of your artistic work.


An ink marker cannot be completely fade-proof. It will wear off after some time. However, it should hold itself into the fabric long enough so that recoloring and redrawing can be done after a long time. You do not want to redo your artistically done work after every wash or even after a month because it would be very tiring.

Therefore, you should consider checking this property, and it is usually clearly labeled on each marker. You can also carry out a simple test by drawing/coloring something small on any fabric and then washing and seeing the results. However, remember to adhere to the recommended drying time to give it time to become a permanent mark.


A bleeding marker can be very annoying. Bleeding means that the ink sips or pours out through the tip more than it should, leaving you with a mess that can destroy what you have spent a lot of time drawing. This gets even worse if the ink becomes too much to the point that it bleeds to the undersurface of the fabric you are working on.

To be on the safe side, always ensure that you check if the pen(s) is non-bleeding before buying.


Marker ink is usually made from chemicals, some of which might be very toxic. If this is the case, you better be very careful about where you place your pens because you might find your kids chewing the pen tips, thinking that the color is tasty.

However, even if hiding them might work, the best thing would be to buy non-toxic markers to avoid the risk of harming your kids or anyone else who accidentally gets some ink into their mouth.


Drawing prints and coloring your fabrics is a process that needs creativity and, most importantly, useful tools for the job. Any sane person knows that getting the right tools for any job requires making informed choices. Thus, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, investing your time going through such a review and user guide is certainly worth it.

This review will certainly help you get the best fabric marker to suit your needs. 

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