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The 5 Best Serger Sewing Machines – Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

You can’t sew denim or other heavy fabric with a regular sewing machine. With the help of a serger machine, you can sew any kind of fabric without popping.

There are many threads that allow for forming trendy designs.

The serger machine comes up with some long-lasting and wonderful features. Also, it can be used for DIY or interior projects.

The serger machine is more comfortable than the regular sewing machine. Nevertheless, the serger machine helps to overlock the seam of your fabric and gives a fresh closure to the edges.

Besides, it can also trim the fabric with an easy process.

Selecting a perfect serger machine can be tough for you as a beginner. Though some of the renowned brands produce excellent serger sewing machines. But most of them are too expensive for beginners.

Also, some of the brands offer inexpensive serger machines with the best quality The SINGER and Brother are quite famous for providing well-built serger machines in the market. Here, we listed some of the best serger sewing machines for your convenience.

Let’s have a look at the list.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Serger Sewing Machines

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 5 Best Serger Sewing Machines Reviews

1. Juki MO-623Overlock Machine 

Juki MO-623Overlock Machine 

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Brand JUKI
Material Metal
Power Source Adaptor
Stitches Per Minute 1500
Weight 18.26 pounds
Dimensions 13.7″D x 14.5″W x 15.7″H

In the beginning, you just need a comfortable and flexible sewing machine. Juki introduced a perfect sewing machine for beginners. You don’t need to worry about the durability much, it can be used for a long time. It is considered one of the best sellers sewing machines. The model is quite user-friendly as well. You can easily operate the machine at your home.

Key Features

The sewing machine has an inbuilt rolled hem, so you don’t need to change the needle plate frequently. Moreover, you will find the 3 threads for overcasting and 2 thread adaptors as well. Therefore, you can adjust the stitch length and cutting width.

You can easily stitch the usual accessories, crafts, and home décor like curtains, cushions, pillow covers, etc. Juki MO-623 comes up with excellent materials and threads. This model of the Juki machine is considered the Garnet line of beginner sergers.

Nevertheless, you can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute speed. If you are looking for a budget-friendly sewing machine, then this one can be a great choice for you. Many professionals always recommend the machine for basic sewing work.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to thread
  • Well built


  • Hard to stitch straight.

2. SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Machine

SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Machine

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Color White
Weight 13.5 Pounds
Power Source Corded Electric
Stitches Per Minute 1300
Lightbulb 120 Volts, 15 Watts
Dimensions 11″D x 14″W x 11.5″H

SINGER machine always comes up with lots of noteworthy features and machine accessories. Nevertheless, you can stitch the soft fabric to heavy ones with the machine. It will save your time as well. The seam finishing can amaze you to some extent.

Key Features

This model has 4 built-in rolled hems which reduce your hassles while sewing. However, it offers a wide selection of stitch choices. You can adjust the stitch length and width. The extraordinary free arm will help you to sew sleeves and cuffs. Along with the decorative flatlock, it also has an adjustable differential feed.

You can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute and stitch capability is 2-3-4. One of the best advantages of the machine is the LED lighting which produces bright illumination. It helps the machine to stay cooler. Besides, the color-coded lay-in threading makes your work more attractive.

SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 has a removable free arm that helps to reach hard places and an extra foot lifter. Along with a built-in carry handle, you will get the tweezers, needle set, spreader, screwdriver, and dust cover. Thus, it is a lightweight sewing machine.


  • Portable
  • Accessories included
  • Well, performance.


  • Weak motor limits.

3. Brother DZ1234 Overlock Machine

Brother DZ1234 Overlock Machine

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Brand Brother
Material Metal
Weight 18.1 Pounds
Power Source Treadle Powered
Stitches Per Minute 1300
Manufacturer Brother
Dimensions 13″D x 15.2″W x 13.2″H

Are you looking for a beginner-level serger with professional finishing? Then, Brother comes up with exclusive features and threads. The model provides great sewing speed and is comfortable to use. For your information, the Brother Designio DZ1234 is the best choice for you. Professionals recommended this one for regular finishing.

Key Features

This model of sewing machine provides 3 feet including gathering, piping, and blind hemstitch. Moreover, it offers multiple stitches and 2 sets of starter threads. You can sew up to 1300 stitches and adjust the stitch between 3mm to 7mm. A flatbed sewing surface helps to get the stitches better.

Furthermore, it has a differential fabric feed of 0.7 to 2.0 ratio. Brother also provides external accessories like tweezers, needle sets, trim traps, spool caps, thread nets, cleaning brushes, and wrenches. You will get 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, a narrow hem, ribbon lock, and rolled hem.

The color-coded makes your threading smother. You can use the home sewing needles in the machine. It also gives you a retractable knife for sewing rolled hems. This sewing machine is compatible with all types of fabric.


  • Quick sewing speed
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Exclusive color-coded threading
  • Easier to use


  • Not sustainable

4. SINGER S0230 Making the Cut Serger Machine

SINGER S0230 Making the Cut Serger Machine

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Color Blue
Stitches Per Minute 1300
Country of Origin Taiwan
 Weight 17.01 pounds
Dimensions 14.5″D x 15.25″W x 13.5″H

Apart from the all features, there is more to know about the sewing machine. Furthermore, if you choose the SINGER S0230 sewing machine, you don’t need to worry about the quality. SINGER introduces an extraordinary sewing machine with new dimensions and trendy features. If you love to work hassle-free, then look into the features of the SINGER SO230 serger sewing machine.

Key Features

The sewing machine is designed with making the cut and color-coded threading system. Along with that, you can adjust the tensions and stitch length. Free arm helps you to sew the sleeves and cuffs really well. It is a time-saving and less costly option for beginners.

This model has a combination of 2 threads,3 threads, and 4 threads. You can easily sew the narrow hems and rolled hems. Trimming the clothes and sewing some fancy home décor crafts can be easier with the machine.

You will get the lower knife and upper knife which makes your stitches better. It is a 110-voltage machine with a weight of 17.2 pounds. The differential feed helps you to stitch the springy fabrics even without any trouble. 


  • Thread options
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable stitch length


  • Problematic blade

5. Brother 1034DX Overlock Machine

Brother 1034DX Overlock Machine

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Brand Brother
Material Metal
Weight 16.4 Pounds
Power Source AC/DC
Stitches Per Minute 1300
Manufacturer Brother International
Dimensions 13″D x 15.25″W x 14.5″H

Brother is a renowned brand for sewing machines where you will get something exceptional and remarkable. Nevertheless, it presents a well-organized sewing machine for newbies. The sewing machine can be used for good finishing, home decoration items, and fashionable sewed dresses or other products as well.

Key Features

The most impressive aspect of the sewing machine is the retractable knife blades. It will help you to trim the corners of your work flawlessly. However, you can draw back the blades without any trouble and save time. Besides, this model provides the best sewing quality and other accessories.

You can stitch the silk to tough woven fabrics, denim, and other cloth materials. Apart from the 3 to 4-layer threading feature. The differential feed allows you to work with diverse fabrics without popping. You can sew 1300 stitches per minute.

Along with the color-coded feature, it has a bright LED light. The model is designed with an adjustable foot pressure system. Also, it comes up with a sustainable metal frame. If you follow the instructions, it will be easier to understand the threading process.


  • Detachable trimming trick
  • Variable stitch length
  • Easier to use


  • Limited stitches.
  • Tough directions.
  • Right side control
  • Low-speed foot pedal

Frequently Asked Question 

Why do you need a serger sewing machine?

You will need a serger machine for saving your energy and time. The serger machine offers lightweight sewing knits. Sergers are easy to use and flexible as well. There are many threads for stitching. Using serger, you can generate decorative tricks.

How to get rid of the thread from twisting?

You need to check the position of the differential feed. Place the cutting blade in the right position. Look over the upper and lower loopers of tension. After placing all this equipment in the correct place, you will get rid of twisted threads.

Is the serger machine comfortable to the thread?

Yes, absolutely. There are many wide stitch options and threads. Moreover, you can easily set up the serger machine. Some of them are portable, so you can carry them anywhere. Besides, the adjustable differential feed will help you to get a proficient finishing.

Can the serger replace the traditional sewing machine?

No, you can’t replace the traditional sewing machine with the serger. Because a serger is made to balance a sewing machine. Usually, sergers are used to create decorative and sew heavy fabrics. On the other hand, sewing machines are used for regular fabrics.

When you should clean the serger machine?

When you complete your work project, you must clean the serger machine. Clean the serger machine with the proper instructions. Look into the thread guides, and detach the lint of the knife plates. Nevertheless, you can use a vacuum or hairdryer to clean the serger machine. Please be careful while cleaning the machine. If you want hassle-free stitching, then must clean your machine regularly.

Why is the serger bouncing stitches?

There are many reasons behind the bouncing stitches. Inappropriate threading, inadequate pressure, lubrication, incompatible needles or threads, low-quality thread, and others. In that case, look into the different parts and fix the problem.

Do you require to use oil in a serger machine?

Yes, you may need to put oil into the internal part of the serger machine. Oiling your serger is a form of taking care of your machine. Thus, you will have to put one or two droplets of oil into the serger.

What features you should look for while purchasing a serger machine?

You need to look into the numbers of threads, width and length of the stitch, stability, and adjustment of tension. Also, acknowledge the budget and quality of buying a serger machine. Usually the accessories like travel case, dust cover, needle set, cleaning brush, etc.

What are the advantages of serger?

Sergers has a multi-functional feature that makes your project easier. It gives professional finishing and high sewing speed. However, the machine is also best for sewing springy fabrics and sustainable stitches. Also, you can use the machine for overlocking your fabrics.

What are the disadvantages of serger?

There are some disadvantages like sergers are louder than the regular sewing machine. Besides, the serger machines are quite expensive.

Are You Looking For Serger Sewing Machines? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Things to Consider Before Buying a Serger Sewing MachineBuying a serger sewing machine can be a very exciting thing because you are heading over to the ultimate next level of sewing to put a professional finish on garments. This will also offer you a huge space to improve your skills further.

However, a lot of people are a little unsure of how they can go about buying the best Serger sewing machine and fear that they might go wrong with their choices.

This is the reason I thought of listing down a few important factors that you need to bear in mind while selecting a Serger sewing machine. You can’t afford to go wrong with your choice as long as you keep these factors in mind.

Sewing Experience

Before you make a huge investment in a Serger Machine, you have to understand your sewing experience. It is always wise to invest in a serger with over 70 different stitch options as long as you are experienced enough to handle it.

However, for those who are just beginners, we recommend choosing a basic model since many basic models come with excellent features at a comparatively lower price.

Try Out Different Models Before Buying One

It is never wise to reach a buying decision, that fast and instead, one must take one’s time in making oneself familiar with the various serger models, comprehend their strengths and weaknesses, and check the ease of use.

You may also watch some demonstration videos online to make yourself fully aware of how you can operate them. This will help you find the right serger machine according to your sewing abilities.

Type of Use

The type of Serger machine that you choose has to do a lot with the type of use. You could use a basic overlock 2,3 or 4-thread machine for hemming, seams, or finishing edges on garments. For cover stitch, you must get a machine that can handle a minimum of 5 threads.

Features that you need the most

Here are a few important features that you need to look for while buying a serger machine for every good server machine must essentially include these features.

  • Threading Guide

Look for a machine that comes with comprehensive threading guides or lay-in threading if not automatic threading. You will find it extremely handy no matter if you are an expert or a beginner.

  • Thread tensions

For smooth stitching and better control, it is always wise to go with a machine that comes with either automatic or adjustable thread tension.

  • Differential feed

For anyone that wants to produce professional-grade lettuce edges and ruffles, you must always look for a serger machine that comes with differential feed and this will help you adjust the feed dogs to ensure that the knits and other stretchy fabrics are safe from bunching or stretching.

  • Heavy-duty knife

A cutting tool of decent quality can help you cut through multiple fabric layers with perfection and this is something you have to look for when about to choose a serger machine.

  • Good Instruction Manual

Most of the machines these days come with comprehensive instruction manuals and DVDs that can largely help you in quickly learning to operate your serger machine. Hence, you must check if the vendor has included the manuals and if not, you can always ask for them.

Budget and Pricing

Apart from being fully aware of the features that you are looking for and, of course, some of the features that you need to have in your machine at any cost, you have to be very clear with your budget as this will largely help you make the right choice and not waste your time in machines that you can’t afford to buy. Having said that, it is also pretty important that you never compromise with quality.

You can try to find the right balance of a reasonable price and quality. One thing you can certainly do in advance is familiarized yourself with the various serger machines and their prices. This will help you reach a better and quick buying decision.


Considering all these, you can purchase any of them according to your needs and budget. Moreover, these models are the best seller serger machines on the market right now. As you are searching for the Best Serger Sewing Machine, then JUKI, Brother, and SINGER are the leading brands. These brands are providing the best features at a reasonable price.

You must choose trustworthy and authentic features which create a professional finishing. For beginners, you need to check the thread configuration, sewing speed, warranties, adjustment knits, free arm feature, and other parts of the serger machine.

You can use some drops of oil to make your stitch more flexible. Besides, the color-coded threading and differential feeds are some of the essential features of a serger sewing machine.

Acknowledge the fabric type for sewing. It is also used as an overlock machine. Firstly, you need to learn how to use the serger machine. If you want to take sewing as a career, purchasing a serger can be the beginning. It simplifies your project work and boosts the quality. You can experiment with your ideas with any fabric using the machine. It helps to brush up on your embroidery skills.

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