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The 05 Best Quilting Ruler – Reviews & Buying Guide

As a quilter, you must understand that fabrics should not just be cut with approximated measurements because they will mess up the quilt you intend to make.

To make perfect and precise measurements before cutting, you need to have a quilting ruler.

Just like the way you need rulers to draw neat, straight lines on your math books, quilting rulers help you do the same on fabrics.

This means that you get clear guides to cut the precise sizes of fabrics, enabling you to create high-quality quilts.

However, quilting rulers are available in different types and sizes. It might be challenging to get the best one to suit your needs if you do not know what to look for. To help you get the best quilting ruler, below is an in-depth look at some of the market’s best ones, showing their features and benefits. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Quilting Ruler

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 5 Best Quilting Ruler Reviews

1. Creative Grids 6.5″ x 24.5″ Rectangle Quilting Ruler 

Creative Grids 6.5" x 24.5" Rectangle Quilting Ruler 

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The creative grids quilting ruler is a perfect choice for beginners because it has very intuitive markings that make it easy to read. These markings are black and white, with the black ones showing the measurements as you read the ruler with the half-inch part being on your right.

The white ones are inverted from this position and can be read after you invert the ruler and read the measurements with the other side on your right.

It also has two 45” lines that cut diagonally across the ruler’s first and second quarters, enabling you to cut diamond or triangularly-shaped fabrics accurately and conveniently. This ensures that your result has perfectly cut shapes, which makes it look immaculate.

The ruler itself is rectangular, measuring 6.5” × 24.5”. It is divided into 1” grids, with each having 1/8” and 1/4” increments. This makes it possible to cut precise measurements that go up to an eighth level.

On its backside, it has embedded gripper dots that grip into the fabric to prevent slipping when cutting. They are designed to provide this grip when pressed down firmly, which means the ruler can slide freely over the fabric when pressure is not applied to it.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to read black and white measurement markings.
  • 6.5” × 24.5” ruler divided into 1” grids with 1/8” and 1.4” increments.
  • Two 45” lines running in opposite directions on 2 quarter lengths of the ruler
  • Embedded gripper dots enables it to grip onto the fabric below to prevent slipping.
  • Includes a 0.5” allowance on one side to give room for seam stitching.

2. Creative Grids Stripology Quilting Ruler 

Creative Grids Stripology Quilting Ruler 

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This is a perfect addition to his/her set for the extremely busy quilter because it has handy features that drastically reduce the cutting time. For starters, it has 45 and 60-degree angle lines across the grid that make it easy to cut shapes for triangles, diamonds, and others that may require such lines.

Its markings are split between black and white ones, with the black ones being upright when it’s one way up while the white being upright when held the opposite way up. This makes it easy to use because you do not require to turn it every time you get it wrong, while the different colored markings will ensure you read the correct measurements depending on the way you are holding the ruler.

For quick cutting, it has a 10″ square template, which is regularly used in most projects. This eliminates the need for frequent measurement when dealing with a 10″ square requirement.

The ruler is quite lengthy, making its vertical strips long enough to cut folded fat quarters. Its horizontal markings alternate between black and white markings, making it possible to spot them when working on differently colored fabrics.

Features at a glance

  • Features gripper strips that hold the fabric firmly in place as you cut it with your rotary cutter.
  • Black and white horizontal markings make the grid visible when placed on different colored fabrics.
  • Black and white measurement markings, inverted on opposite sides for easy reading.
  • Star and square markings help you cut 1.5” and 2.5” strips without measuring.
  • 1/4” increments.
  • The QR code on its backside can be scanned to get a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to using this ruler.

3. Skyhawk Acrylic Quilting Rulers 

Skyhawk Acrylic Quilting Rulers

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This comes as a set of 4 quilting rulers, measuring 12.5″ × 12.5″, 9.5″ × 9.5″, 6″ × 6″, and 4.5″ × 4.5″. Each of them has a 0.5″ allowance on one side to allow seams to be included in the cuts. This variable size cuts down on cutting time because you can switch to the most suitably sized ruler for whichever project you are working on.

Its markings are double-colored, which makes it usable for dark or brightly colored fabrics. The yellow grid lines make every detail visible on dark fabrics, while the black ones highlight the measurements on light fabrics.

Each of the ruler’s gridlines has 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″ increments, allowing you to quickly and accurately trim fabrics to the finest details. Each of them also has right and left-hand 30, 45, and 60-degree angled lines, making it possible for both right and left-handed quilters to use the rulers when cutting triangle and diamond shapes. This makes them very practical.

Features at a glance

  • It comes as a set of 4 differently-sized rulers.
  • It is made from premium acrylic plastic, which is strong and durable.
  • All the rulers except the 4.5″ one have hanging holes for easy storage on hanging pins.
  • Right, and left-handed angle and numbering systems make it an ambidextrous tool.
  • Double-colored measurement markings and grid lines make it easy to use on both light and dark fabrics.
  • 1″ grids with 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ increments, with an additional half-inch on every ruler for seam allowance.

4. Creative Grids 60-Degree Quilting Ruler

Creative Grids 60 Degree Quilting Ruler

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This is quite different from the rest because it is a 60-degree equilateral triangle ruler, with 12.5” long sides. This makes it exclusively for use in cutting triangles or other designs that may require 60” angle lines on their sides.

It has a center vertical line that splits the ruler into two 30” angled triangles to give you more options to work with. This center line and all the ruler’s sides have a quarter-inch dashed line all around that enables you to cut the fabrics with a seam allowance. This means that you get a 12” triangle with a 1/4” all-around left for seam stitching, making the ruler very practical.

All its markings are in black and white colors, easy to read over different colored fabrics.

The ruler has gripper dots that hold the fabric in place below the ruler as you make your cuts on its bottom face. This eliminates the chances of the ruler slipping, leading to miss-cuts. The grip is pressure activated, meaning that the ruler can glide easily over the fabric when not pressed on it.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to read black and white markings.
  • Triangle-shaped with 60-degree angles on all edges.
  • The Center vertical line splits the triangle into two equal parts, each having a 30, 60, and 90-degree angle.
  • 1/4″ dashed line all around, including both sides of the center vertical line for seam allowance.
  • 12.5″ long sides, but the 1/4″ dashed line means you get a 12″ sized triangle cut. The half-inch is meant for seams.
  • Gripper dots hold the fabric in place when cutting.
  • It comes with a QR code on the lower side that can be scanned to reveal the full step-by-step instructions for using this ruler.

5. ARTEZA 6.5” x 24” Quilting Ruler 

ARTEZA 6.5” x 24” Quilting Ruler 

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This quilting ruler features a patented 2-color grid line, which is black and lime green. The black color makes the lines visible on brightly colored fabrics, while the lime green color does the same on dark fabrics. This combination ensures that you always see what you are doing as you cut through different fabrics.

It is rectangular in shape, measuring 6.5” × 24”, making it perfect for cutting 6-inch strips. The additional half-inch gives you a seam allowance on one end, making the ruler very practical.

Apart from cutting strips, you can also use it to cut angled lines, for instance, when making a triangle or diamond art in your projects. To do this, the ruler has 30, 45, and 60-degree line markings from both the left and right sides, which make it possible to use both left and right-handed quilters. This makes it even more practical.

Construction-wise, it is made of acrylic and is 0.1” thick, making it very strong and durable. Acrylic also gives it the advantage of being easy to clean, requiring only warm water and a soft cloth.

Features at a glance

  • Mirrored angled lines make it usable by both right and left-handed quilters.
  • 0.1″ thick laser-cut acrylic makes it strong and durable, with immaculate edges.
  • 6.5″ × 24″ in size.
  • 1/2″ seam allowance across its length.
  • 1″ grids with 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ increments.
  • Patented 2 color grid lines (black and lime green)
  • Hanging hole for easy storage on a hanging pin
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it does not meet your expectations, you can request a refund or replacement.

Are You Looking For Quilting Ruler? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Things to Consider Before Buying Quilting RulerSize

Even though quilting rulers have grid markings that enable you to cut any fabric size, it would be challenging to measure a 10-inch wide fabric using a 6.5-inch wide ruler.

It would also be better off to cut 1” strips using a narrow ruler than a wide one.

Because of this, size is an essential factor to consider. Depending on the size of the fabric you want to cut, a ruler can drastically reduce the cutting time if it is the right size.


If you want to cut strips that are 3/8” wide, it won’t be possible if you have a ruler with a minimum of 1/4” increments. This factor matters because it will help you know if the ruler can help you cut the fabric to precise measurements.

Most rulers have a minimum of a 1/8” increment, but some reach a quarter while others only have the 1” grid markings. Therefore, it is essential to check out this property before buying any ruler.

Seam allowance

A seam allowance is meant to give you the convenience of cutting your precise measurements with an extra length of fabric included for seam stitching. If a ruler has an extra 0.5” on its side, this is the extra space left for seam stitching. 

If it’s not there, you will have to put this into consideration before cutting, so you better not forget that.

Cutting options

Different rulers come with additional cutting options to the straight grid lines. For instance, some rulers have angled lines that can cut different types of triangular or diamond shapes. This enables you to include more creativity in your work.

Others have preset measurements drawn on them to shorten your cutting time. You might get a ruler with a preset 10” square, enabling you to cut this shape without going through the measuring process.

The best ruler should have all these features so that you can have many options at your disposal.


Quilting rulers are available in a variety of shapes. There are rectangular, square, and triangle-shaped options, among many others. The shape you buy should be guided by the type of cuts that you intend to make.

If you regularly cut long strips of fabric, a rectangular ruler is the best for you. However, if you want triangular-shaped cuts for adding some decorative detail, a triangular ruler is the best one to use.

Markings color

As you quilt, you will most likely encounter dark and brightly colored fabrics. To work on these different colors, you will need a ruler with both dark and brightly colored markings so that the colors can contrast with the fabric color, leaving you with easy-to-see grids, lines, and numbers. 

This will make your work easier because you won’t have to strain your eyes when measuring the fabrics.


As you can see, quilting rulers are essential tools for making quilts. If you try to ignore them, you will pay the stitching price because the fabrics may not line up perfectly.

However, if you want to buy one, make sure you follow this guide and consider the rulers suggested above to get the best choice.

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