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The 5 Best Sewing Machine Book – Reviews & Guide

It’s extremely wonderful when you have your grandmother or mother teaching you how to sew. It’s both a bonding and learning experience as you get to create memories that you will cherish forever. 

However, having a solid reference is quite paramount since you can rely on it whenever you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do next. 

Books always put everything into perspective and are the perfect way to learn something. Sewing machine books are exactly what you run into if you want to learn how to sew.

They not only provide the requisite photo references to help you comprehend each step, but they also have well-detailed written instructions that you can easily refer to whenever necessary.

Learning from somebody else is great, but remember they might not know everything, or they might not always be there. Purchasing the sewing machine book in the market will provide you with great sewing ideas. It also gives you the much-needed special instructions.

Since it’s a digital world and most books are no longer in print, don’t be mistaken to think that people aren’t reading. There are loads of books out there, and the list below might be all you needed to help you pick out the best sewing machine book perfect for your sewing needs regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro.

Each of these books is unique and different in its way, but they all end up helping consumers learn how to use a sewing machine, what they are for, what you can do with one, and so much more.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Sewing Machine Books

“Following are the top three recommended books based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Books Reviews

Today I’ll be showing you some of the sewing machine books. This way you can choose your best one. Let’s look at the top five ideal sewing machine books worth your time and dime.

1. Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids 

Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids 

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Author Name Lynda Milligan
Publisher C&T Publishing; 1st edition (January 1, 2004)
Language English
Paperback 128 pages
Reading age ‎ 7 – 11 years

This is an excellent beginner book ideal for all ages. It does such a great job of introducing sewing to anyone who is just starting sewing. Most students get better with the help of the book. You gain more and more confidence and skills as you move along.

The one thing that stands out in this book is the skill drills and games that help the learners retain what they have gathered and increase machine work proficiency.

This excellent book is what you need to launch you into the wonderful world of sewing. It’s informative, engaging, and entertaining, and the page-by-page instructions, projects, and activities are exactly what you’ve been looking for to help your child have a positive introduction to the joys of sewing.

2. My First Sewing Machine Book By Alison McNicol 

My First Sewing Machine Book By Alison McNicol 

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Author Name Alison McNicol 
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 26, 2010)
Language English
Paperback 40 pages
Perfect For kids 

Alison McNicol is a genius and scores big in teaching kids how to sew and has written the “Learn to sew- kids” Series of best-selling sewing books for kids. These books come with modern, bright, and clear instructions, and it’s just perfect for children who are getting started with their first sewing machine.

The kids quickly learn how to use and thread the machine, and measure and use the fabric. As well as making a proper selection of super cool projects including cool fashions, super easy tote bags, zip cases, i-pod holders, and so many more.

This book comes with easy-to-follow learn-to-sew illustrations, simple and fun projects to make, loads of templates and patterns included, and let Billy Bobbin and Daisy Double stitch show you how.

The wide range of projects provided in this book opens the child’s eyes to the power of what a sewing machine can do and also opens up their imaginations to other possibilities.

3. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible 

The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible

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Author Name Wendy Gardiner & Lorna Knight
Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication Date June 21, 2011
Language ‏ English
Paperback 128 pages

After all, especially when you quickly want to reference something in the middle of the sewing project. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible is an easy-to-use book and quite simple to understand, and very relevant to your sewing needs.

The book has well-detailed instructions on the thread and fabric choices for different projects. It’s the perfect source of information that takes you through all the necessary steps, from the setting-up for your machine for its very first use to tips and advice relevant for even the well-versed seamstresses.

The book is also packed with explanations, photographs, sewing examples, sewing projects, and lots of handy tips and hints. It is one of the essentials in your sewing room, and you must keep it quite close for frequent and easy access since you will want to refer to it repeatedly.

4. How to Use Your Sewing Machin  By Alison McNicol

How to Use Your Sewing Machin  By Alison McNicol

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Author Name Alison McNicol
Publisher ‏ Kyle Craig Publishing
Publication Date September 25, 2013
Language ‏ English 
Paperback 58 pages

This book is famous for being perfect to use during the introduction to using a sewing machine. It is well written and coupled with great illustrations, making the learning part of the whole process much easier and quite enjoyable.

Within this book’s pages, several easy-to-complete projects are included with items such as clothes, bunting, scented hearts, zip cases, and many more.

Everything included in the book is simple, fun, and easy to follow, making it ideal for beginners. But at the end of the book, you will learn how to use a sewing machine properly and the perfect way to get the most and best from your sewing machine.

The skills that you will gather from this book are timeless, and you’ll be able to use them throughout your sewing career.

5. The Sewing Machine Classroom by Charlene Phillips 

The Sewing Machine Classroom by Charlene Phillips 

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Author Name Charlene Phillips 
Publisher Krause Publications
Publication Date November 30, 2011
Language ‏ English
Hardcover-spiral ‏ 160 pages

This is such an amazing book, especially if you are new to sewing and would want to learn how to use your sewing machine properly.

The book is subdivided into two sections. The first one covers taking control, mastering your materials, and demystifying your machine, while the second section covers increasing your sphere of influence. Both sections are well-written, and the writer assumes you know nothing but doesn’t patronize those who do.

It provides guidelines in choosing the feet, threads, fabric, and several other materials. Most importantly, the book teaches you how to take care of your machine with additional lessons on fixing the machine.

The book’s sewing machine maintenance section makes it worth the price or even a much better deal making it the ideal sewing machine book out there yet.

Why Consider Purchasing Sewing Machine Books

Why Consider Purchasing Sewing Machine BooksThe Best Reference Guide

We all know the information provided in books is timeless, and you can quickly grab a book in the middle of your sewing session and get some tips, hints, or clarify some steps.

In sewing, one gets better with experience, and there is no better way to equip yourself with a good sewing machine book.

For relevant, up-to-date information on sewing

The fashion industry keeps changing, and the seamstresses are faced with newer challenges day in and day out. It’s such a fast-paced industry, and you cannot afford to lag behind most, especially if you are doing it commercially.

It would help if you stayed up-to-date with the new industry releases to get the most recent information on what the sewing industry is heading. Knowledge is power, and you can never go wrong with the relevant information.

Perfect place to start for beginners

Are you taking on sewing as your new hobby? Or is your child interested in sewing? Then it would help if you considered purchasing one of the top-rated sewing machine books since it will provide a better landing in the sewing world. The books offer step-by-step instructions, sewing basics tips, and hints that will propel you from just a beginner to a pro.

The books offer a myriad of projects and activities and illustrations that will help you create unique projects along the way. With so much information provided in the books, you can learn much more than you anticipated.


The best sewing machine books list is meant to provide the requisite information for individuals interested in sewing and find the ideal reference materials to help them move to the next level.

All these books are great choices, but it depends on what your sewing tastes and needs are. It’s important to note that even the books geared towards children can be a great place to start for adults since the basics are more or less the same.

The language is also much simpler, and the projects are quite fun, which will help you learn much faster. Ultimately, deciding on the type of sewing machine book to buy is dependent on your level of proficiency and your sewing needs.

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