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The 8 Best Sewing Scissors – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hey, how are you? As a fanatic fan of sewing, I have always been a fan of scissors. One of my community members recently asked a question: what are the best, reasonably priced sewing scissors?

The day is mine. I am spending my free time now. I hope my guidelines will be a piece of cake for you.

I am introducing the best nine scissors for your picking up. These products come with a sharp blade, soft-grip handle, and durable construction.

You know already, the proper tools are essential for any sewing project that is worth doing. It seems like more and more masterpiece scissors are introduced every year.

As any craftsman and artisan know, having the proper and right tools is critical, even if it is mandatory also.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Sewing Scissors

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

How Have I Done My Research?

You may know a little bit about me. I am Minnie Dickens and I always prefer researching before I write any single line for you.

For every sewing project, a single or a pair of scissors is a must that assists in streamlining each step.

After conducting 40 hours of research on more than 100 models of scissors, consulting with experts, consulting with sewing forum members, and cutting paper, cardboard, cable ties, marshmallows, duct tape, wire, string, and chicken bones, I think I have found some best sewing scissors. Look at the below.

Without any doubt, this article makes it easier for you to land the best deal out there by lending you the top 9 sewing scissors reviewed, from which you’ll pick one and get pleasure from excellent performance ever guessed of any pair of sewing scissors.

Types of sewing scissors:

Maybe we know, Scissors are essential to any sewer, but not all scissors are best and created equal. So before I enter the main part of this article, let’s talk about the types of sewing scissors. 

Understanding each type of sewing scissors’ job will make your purchasing system easier and crucial to making your sewing project successful. Typically sewing scissor comes in four types. They are the following:

Fabric scissors:

Normally they come with angled handles and long blades. These sewing scissors make cutting out patterns of fabric much easier. These types of scissors also have a convenient point for clipping and notching curves. 

Blades have a “knife-edge,” which means that the top blade is cut at a sensitive angle, allowing them to cut through fabric easier than scissors. They’re also perfect for cutting through several layers of fabric at a time.

Pinking scissors:

Pinking shears come with serrated blades that make a zig-zagged edge as the fabric is cut. Pinking scissors prevent the fabric from unraveling or fraying along the seams. These types of shears are also useful for creating the best decorative edges on non-fraying fabrics and ribbons. 

If anything, they might require being more accurate because they mesh together cleanly to cut.

Thread Nippers and Embroidery Scissors:

They are mostly designed for embroidery and other needlework; these types of scissors are lightweight, compact, and user-friendly and slip easily over your fingers to make quick, exact, and small cuts. 

The small yet enormously sharp blades also make these types of scissors perfect for appliqué work or buttonholes.

Tailors scissors: 

Tailor’s Scissors are usually shorter in length. The littler length makes them portable and can easily slip into the sewing bag—tailor’s Scissors are ideal for sewing classes and quilting clubs.

I have just mentioned about four major types of scissors. They are the most well-known, and you will be able to do any sewing job using these kinds of scissors.

Top 8 Best Sewing Scissors Reviews

How well your scissors perform for you can play a large part in the success of your project. Here I am going to give a small review on the best scissors in the market now.

Honestly and frankly speaking, what you expect, you will get a hundred percent advantages from these scissors, and you won’t regret it after purchasing.  

1. Clear Cuts Best Titanium Scissors 

Clear Cuts Best Titanium Scissors 

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Brand Clear Cuts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Grey
Blade Edge Bevel
Handle Material ‎Stainless Steel,Titanium
Weight ‎8.8 ounces
Dimensions LxWxH ‎6 x 2 x 9 inches

Without exception, I can say these are the best scissors I have ever purchased. These Sewing Scissors are best and ideal for sewing, of course, and even embroidery parts also. It is a set of three scissors; they are small, medium, and large. They are also mostly known as perfect fabric cutting scissors. The large is 10 inches, the Medium is 8.5, ” and the small scissor is 5.5”.

All of these scissors are comfortable and relaxed to hold because of the soft comfortable grip handle. They are ergonomic and lightweight and professional office scissors. These scissors are perfect as gifts for men or women; they are great in the office, ideal for the home, and the packaging of these items looks great.

Without any doubt, I have to say they are the best scissors ever I have had. They are comfortable to use, sturdy and lightweight. I highly recommend this product!

2. Fiskars 8 Inch Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors 

Fiskars 8 Inch Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors 

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Brand Fiskars
Color Black
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Ideal for  Denim, Leather, and Multiple layers of fabric
Dimensions LxWxH 1.1 x 4.75 x 10.5 inches

These beautifully crafted 8″ scissors are so easy to use, and they are user-friendly too. This is perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials, including leather, denim, and multiple fabric layers. These sewing blades are quite tight, and firmly set, and the handle is comfortable.

The item is made with Hardened stainless steel, which ensures its long lifetime. Soft grip handle reduces hand fatigue for relaxed extended use. They seem to cut well, but one con I have to say is, they are a little bit heavy.

These are great scissors for a sewing enthusiast. They even go through the dishwasher with no damage. For me, it is a great product overall.

3. Westcott 2-Pack Titanium 8″ Bent and 5″ 

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Brand Westcott
Color Violet
Material Alloy Steel
Blade Material Titanium
Weight 3.19 ounces
Dimensions LxWxH 10 x 0.63 x 4.13 inches

These sets of scissors are divine. First of all, these are great scissors that do not mutilate the fabric you are cutting. This item comes in a great color, which gains popularity among its customers.

These scissors are sharp and cut fabric well. The smaller pair of scissors is perfect for crochet and yarn projects also. The item is included with a blade cover and lanyard for a five-inch Micro-tip scissor

I love these scissors, especially. The grip is comfortable also. Without making any doubt, you can go for this item.

4. Scissors 9 inch – Professional Heavy Duty 

Scissors 9 inch - Professional Heavy Duty 

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Brand OneSquare
Color Black
Material High Carbon Steel
Blade Material High Carbon Steel
Ideal for  Sewing, Tailoring, Quilting, Dressmaking, Cutting Patterns, and more
Dimensions LxWxH 9 x 3.12 x 0.31 inches

Firstly, the scissors are right-handed. This is made with Heavy Duty Industrial Strength High Carbon Steel Construction. The 3.5″ precision razor-sharp blades cover the tip for detailed and intricate work.

This item is especially perfect for Sewing besides, Tailoring, Dressmaking, Quilting Cutting Patterns, Art projects, Alterations, Home and Office use, and more. The design of these scissors feels evenly balanced when you are using them. The Handle is comfortable, and the shears are sharp enough. The Black color of this item looks cool.

The items come in just the right length and weight and are very comfortable. I love these 9-inch scissors. Before using your scissors, make sure to wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth. They are quality made, and I will love using these for my sewing projects in the future also.

5. Drency Stainless Steel Sewing Scissors 

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Brand Drency
Material Stainless Steel
Size 11 Inch
Weight 1.05 pounds
Dimensions 12 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches

Drency is an amazing product always. It cuts clothes so effortlessly and so easily. The design and the looks of this pair of scissors are also very aesthetic.

The item is made Made of Legendary High Carbon Stainless Steel. This 11” item is great for Tailors, home, dressmaking sewing, or any scissoring day project. The item Cuts easily multiple layers of clothing, ribbon, fabric, or leather. These Scissors come with a unique paper box, and they are always risk-free.

They are very sharp as needed. Very easy to handle and work well so far. I love this item.

6. Equinox Tailor’s Scissors 

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Brand Equinox
Ideal For Denim & Different types of fabric
Made in China
Weight ‎5.6 ounces
Manufacturer ‎Equinox International
Dimensions ‎10 x 2 x 2 inches

First of all, these scissors are easy to use. The item comes with 3.5″ Blades and an 8″ Overall Length. The products are user-friendly and lightweight. Shears are weighing less than 8oz, and they are made of stainless steel.

They are a little heavy to hold, but not bad. These are powerful and thick scissors that do not open or flex while cutting something thick. I recommend this item to my friends and community members.

This is one of the best and Great quality scissors which are sharp and effective for cloth. Make a deal with this item right now.

7. Handi Stitch 9″ Tailor Dressmaking Scissors 

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Color Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Weight 0.55 Pounds
Blade Edge Straight
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions ‎9.69 x 3.58 x 0.98 inches

These scissors are just the right size for cutting fabric. These Tailoring Scissors feature a lightweight and ergonomic design, which makes cutting fabric easy. They are very sharp and come with the best straight cuts. These Super sharp fabric scissors are perfect for cutting out patterned clothing.

These are large enough that any size hand would fit them properly. They come at a fair price, which is always affordable. The scissors are well-made and very precise, though they are designed as dressmaker shears, meaning they are designed to cut lots of fabric.

These scissors are excellent and user-friendly, and they cut through fabric like “butter.” These are made well and very sharp also. I would highly recommend these scissors! I am delighted with the quality as well.

8. DandAco 8-Inch Precision Scissors 

This is one of DandAco’s all-around great items. Honestly, this pair of scissors is the best I have ever tried. Every single cut can be made with accuracy and confidence, with the assistance of an elegant 1 – 3 Inch Scale.

They are perfectly straight, Lightweight, Compact, high quality, and have a premium impression, making this item more popular.

The item comes with a comfortable handle that will allow those with small and sizable hands to likewise feel relaxed when using this product.

These are nice, stronger than the smaller and cheaper ones you get, like Staples or something. They work very well for me. The item comes with a fair price also.

How to Choose Sewing Scissors

Sewing ScissorI believe selecting the right sewing scissors is always a difficult task if you are not aware of the technique of selecting the best scissors.

So how do you determine what good quality sewing scissors are those that will last a long time and serve you best?

Glad you asked. Here are some crucial tips which you should consider before you make your purchase.

  • Think first, How much should you spend? Buy the top-rated sewing scissors that you can afford. Cheap sewing scissors are sharp when you first use them, but they rapidly lose their edge, and again, having them sharpened may charge more than the purchase price.
  • Shears are generally larger and heavier than sewing scissors. So you might be well known about the differences between Sears and scissors. Shears have blades normally at least seven inches, whereas sewing scissor blades are six inches or less.
  • Look for suggestions from others who do a lot of sewing.
  • Consider how and how many times a day you will be using the scissors.
  • You should be aware of how to protect your sewing scissors perfectly. Make sure they will come with a case, at least.
  • It is useful to a quilting store or fabric to buy your sewing scissors, not a drugstore or office supply place.
  • Your anatomy factor should consider before you go. If you are left-handed, use left-handed scissors, and if you are a right-hander, use right-handed scissors. You will likely spoil the right fabric, trying to manipulate the wrong tool. So always remember this factor.
  • The best sewing scissors always come with a smooth handle that fits your hand comfortably. Go for user-friendly scissors that have a user-friendly handle, which will make sure comfortable gripping always.
  • Consider the types of sewing you most prefer.
  • You have two basic choices. Which is best for you, stainless steel or Carbon? Consider this matter before you make your final decision. I always prefer to go for a stainless steel option.
  • And lastly, choose scissors from a brand you can talk to, and trust, and which is your well know.

Final Verdict

Hey, I am in the last stage of this article. I hope You have enjoyed my full session.

Using the incorrect scissors can make your work harder, damage your scissors, destroy your sewing job plan, and possibly cause what you are working on to come out less than perfect. They are Sharp, durable, and of excellent quality, and the most important is they won’t disappoint you.

Well, there always will be many scissors on the market from many brands. Still, none will beat the above-highlighted scissors models in terms of comfort when using, performance, durability, and safety even after longtime use.

And before I leave, these scissors have a lot of advantages that are popular with most consumers. If you’re looking for good scissors for your home, office, or any other place, these nine will offer you the best quality always.

Bye for today, as a fanatic fan of sewing. I also want to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts. I would be glad to hear from you, and if you fall into any problems or look for any suggestions, let me know. I will come back with your reply soon. Have a nice sewing journey always, and I will come up with other important topics soon.

Make your sewing journey more comfortable right now. Happy shopping! Take care of yourself. 

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