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Brother ES2000 Sewing Machine Review

Brother ES2000

Brother has manufactured some of the amazing models in sewing machines. ES2000 is undeniably one of its brilliant designs.

The offerings of this product are massive. If someone is looking for a product that can give superb styling, versatility in stitching, and a reliable model, this machine is a perfect purchase.

Brilliantly embellished with a mix of white and green, it is a nice model to buy. This product gives a huge variation in built-in stitches that can be used for direct designing.

It is convenient to design heirlooms, crafts, decorative designs, etc. 

Features of the Brother ES2000 Sewing Machine

Here is the list of features that can help sewers in deciding on this product.

Multiple Needle Positions

Sewers always appreciate the machines that give them multiple options in various sewing kinds of crafts. This model has multiple needle positions that help them in enjoying various types of sewing.

From the course of needle positions served, it becomes convenient for the users to select the ones that help them inaccurate stitching.

Besides multiple positions, this product also has an automatic needle threader that is another perk. The function of the auto needle threader is quite conventional.

Therefore, it becomes easy for the users to select the palate offered and enhance their sewing skills.

Multiple Stitches

What else could be better for a new learner if they get multiple stitches to give a refreshing look to their art? This model has the richest collection of built-in stitches that are trending in the sewing world.

Rest depends on the user’s creativity to make a great combination of stitches and discover innovative design.

There is a vast collection of 77 stitch functions in this machine. All the stitches are available on the console of the machine. It is easy to select the stitch as the sewer has to select it right from the buttons.

The selected stitch will also be displayed on the LED along with other settings.

LED Lights

LED lights are trending in the newest models of sewing machines. This not only gives a mesmerizing appeal to the product, but it also helps in monitoring the settings that have been made.

It is a perfect display to keep a check on the stitch used and other respective settings.

With the help of the display, tension adjustment control can also be done easily. It is a perfect feature for all the modern machines that are being manufactured lately.

Well Built

The construction of this product is quite impressive. On the flawless white body, there is a blend of light green color. It gives a very soothing effect on the machine.

All the essential counterparts are derived on the side of the machine. There is a fine-looking LED display. Then there are all stitches impressions designed at the machine.

The stitch that is to be used can be selected from its respective button. The working tray is also large enough to offer sufficient space to the sewer for intense sewing projects. It is a lightweight product and can be transported easily from one place to another.

Multiple Accessories

Well, the list of accessories with this product is huge. Presser’s feet include buttonhole foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, etc.

Other than that, the buyer gets a pouch full of accessories such as a needle pack, twin needle, cleaning brush, screwdriver, seam ripper, spool pin, and three bobbins.

Then there is a power code, operational, manual, and font controller incorporated with the machine. Thus, all these accessories are making this model one of a kind and rich in offerings.

Other Features

This product is equipped with many fascinating features. Five 1-step buttonhole styles give the user a variation for styling their product as per likability.

Also, the needle threader is quite spontaneous and amazing. It has an upper tension control dial. Just below the LCD, there is a reinforcement stitch button.


  • Twin needle stitches attributes
  • Multiple stitch functions
  • Lightweight product
  • Various accessories
  • Variable needle positions
  • Monogramming features


  • Speed is uncontrollable
  • Display E6 errors

Final Verdict

Brother ES2000 Sewing Machine review will help the sewers in understanding everything about this model. There is no end to the brilliant features of this model. Stamped under the brand name of Brother, this machine is a complete steal.

Variation in stitches, multiple accessories, easy understanding of product usage, and plenty of other features make this product worth buying.

Moreover, the users who have already purchased this model are quite satisfied with this machine’s performance. It is a brilliant buy for newbie users.

It is a highly recommended product for all buyers looking forward to investing in the latest designed sewing machine.

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