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Lessons Learned From a Life of Sewing

When sewing becomes your job, your hobby, and your life – it’s not surprising you’ll end up learning a lot of life lessons. Here is what we at The Sewing Hub have discovered.

Lessons Learned from a Life of Sewing

1.  Stay active – It’s been proven time and again that sitting for hours every day will cause weight gain and can lead to back and hip problems. It is important to remember to stay active and flexible. This online guide will guide you through some easy yoga moves for quilters and sewers.

2. Create more with less – A cluttered sewing room can often lead to a cluttered mind. Often times our best work comes from making the most out of what we already have, not buying more fabrics, more needles, or more equipment. Learn how to purge your sewing room with these tips.

3. The need to create is human nature – The ability of human beings to create beautiful works of art is astounding. To you, sewing maybe your work of art. If so, then follow your passion and sew!

4. Learn from your mistakes – Mistakes are not the end of the world. Sure, they can be detrimental to a business or might cause you to lose a client.  But in the end, unless you can learn from your mistakes and accept that they are going to happen, you may never reach your potential.

5. Live in the moment – If you are a tailor, it can be easy to let your mind wander from project to project before completing one. Enjoy what you are working on and learn to live in the moment!

6. Take it step-by-step – Learning a new sewing skill, or even finishing a big project will take time. If you are new to the sewing game, this advice article for beginner sewers will help put it into perspective.

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