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The 10 Best Serger Thread – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is crucial to buy the best serger thread, as the low tensile strength of weak quality threads will boost lint and fuzz raising.

Therefore, selecting the right thread is as important as choosing the serger machine.

A typical serger thread holds between 2000 to 3000 yards of thread as the sergering process requires a large amount. 

These threads can be used in multiple spools because of their dual responsibilities: to produce seams while giving a finishing touch to the cloth’s raw edge.

Serger Threads are superior to regular sewing machine threads as regular threads cannot avoid bunching and pull and causes bulky seams.

The most celebrated material for serger threads is Polyester because of its stability, endurance, and flexibility. You can have serger threads made of Polyester, but remember that not all projects require the same. You will still get serger threads made of nylon, cotton, wool nylon, and so many other materials in the market.

Multiple options can easily mislead you, and you can thus end with a poor deal. To keep you out of all risk and let you invest your cash on the right product, I am here writing the bible of Serger Threads. Keep reading until the end to be enlightened and resolve all the mysteries.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Serger Thread

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 10 Best Serger Thread Reviews

Serger Threads are lighter compared to regular threads so that they can cope up with the extremely high speed of serger machines. These threads are more delicate to use in a serger’s needles and loopers without creating thick knots.

Choosing the right serger thread is always a challenging job that requires time, effort, and energy. If you don’t want any hassle, congratulations, you have come to the right place. We already did our research and found out the ten top serger threads of the current era.

Here I will review them, and you can learn and buy them if you wish. Let’s get started:

1. IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards (EACH) 

IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards (EACH) 

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IZO Home Goods White Serger is the first entry on our list today. It comes in four cones. You will get 6000 yards of threads in each cone, which is more than enough to handle any project correctly. If you sew a lot, it will be an excellent option to save your money and not compromise with the quality.

IZO Home Goods Serger Threads are made of polyester material. The core is also construed with Polyester. You, the thickness and strength of these threads are impressive. Also, they are smooth to sew with. This combo can be used for multiple tasks, including a serger, overlock, marrow, single needle stitching, and whatnot.

These threads can be used for regular home use and professional use as they don’t mess with any serger types. You can sew with confidence for an extended period without having thread breakage, thread snap, or tangled problems.

The price of the product is reasonable too. Though some people claimed that you would notice lint on the thread, I can assure you that they won’t cause any problem if you use them regularly. Give it a go without any tension.

Product Highlights

  • Four cones
  • 6000 yards of threads in each cone
  • Premium Polyester made
  • Works great with any serger
  • Perfect thickness and strength

2. ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Thread 

ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Thread 

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The ilauke 4x 3000 Yards Serger Thread is the second option on our today’s review for various reasons. You will get in total 12000 Yards serger thread that is fair enough for handling a large project. These threads are made of premium polyester material. Therefore, those are strong and durable. You will not experience fraying, breaking, and tangling up problems often.

These threads are black and available in four cons. If you want a set for everyday use, ilauke is an excellent choice. These Serger Threadworks are best with any serger and standard sewing machine. They are ideal for use with your hand as well. You can easily tie these threads to a needle and stitch.

You can be able to apply for professional use as well. These are perfect gifts for your sewer friend and family member. The price of the set is not that high. You can surely give it a go. I am sure this set will not let you down.

Product Highlights

  • Polyester made
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Not fray, break and tangle up easily.
  • Four cones each contain 3000 yards of thread.
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Black color
  • Ideal gift item for sewers
  • Cost-effective

3. Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread 

Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread 

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If you need a single cone, you should go for the Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread. For the price, it is one of the best solutions today. The thread is made of top-quality polyester material. Therefore, incredible strength and durability are guaranteed.

The Maxi-Lock thread can withstand massive speeds and tension of the serger machine like a true champion. You can tackle all sorts of sewing needs if this thread is in your hand. The price of the set is reasonable too. 

The dark grey color is outstanding as well. You will get 3000 yards of thread on the cone, which is decent for a single cone. The thread is ideal for medium-weight and light fabrics. Overall, it is an excellent choice for the price.

Product Highlights

  • 100% Polyester made
  • Able to withstand the speed of serger
  • Perfect for all sewing needs
  • 3000 yards

4. Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread 

Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread 

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Frustrated by not getting your favorite thread color? Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread is here to eliminate your frustration once and for all. The set includes four cones, and there are twelve different colors set to choose from.

You can even get a set that has five cones of five different colors. So, frustration about color is a myth from now on! The rest of the set offers four cones of the same colors, including red, white, yellow, green, black, etc.

The sewing thread is made of top-grade spun polyester material with plastic over lock cones. Therefore, knot and tangle-free, non-stretchy, robust, durable, and guarantees minimal lint. These threads are perfect for sewing, hemming, or seaming upholstery, cotton, canvas, and whatnot. You can use them with most of the standard sergers.

The most exciting thing about Mandala Crafts is that they offer a warranty! Yeah, nobody provides a warranty on serger thread; this is a whole new thing to experience. From this, we can understand how confident they are about their product.

The Mandala Crafts All Purposes Sewing Thread is one of the most excellent market options today at a reasonable price range. You should defiantly give it a go.

Product Highlights

  • Made of top-quality Polyester
  • Knot and tangle-free
  • Non-stretchy
  • Heavy-duty polyester core, reliable, and durable
  • Minimal lint
  • Continuous length and consistent quality
  • Ideal for sewing, hemming, and seaming upholstery
  • Excellent to work on cotton, canvas, drapery, quilt, or flannel
  • Compatible with most of the standard sergers

5. Set of 12 Black & White Serger Embroidery Thread 

Set of 12 Black & White Serger Embroidery Thread 

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The Designer’s Choice Black and White Serger Embroidery Thread is the fifth option on our list. It is an all-purpose spun polyester thread on superior quality cones. You will get six white and six black spools on the set. Each of the cones contains 1640 yards each. That means you can handle any project with no hassle.

The Designer’s Choice 12 Set Black and White Serger Embroidery Thread is one of the complete solutions of the present time. It is a perfect selection for getting started. The thickness and strength of the thread are fantastic. It will never mess with your serger machine. It can withstand the high speed and intense tension of the serger machine like a true champion.

The price of the product is not prohibitive. If you don’t want any hassle further, this should be the choice for you. Click the “add to cart button” right now to confirm your purchase. Hurry up. The stock is limited. 

Product Highlights

  • 100% Polyester made
  • Quality cones
  • 12 cones
  • Each cone contains 1500 meter threads.
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Perfect for Serger, Embroidery, Quilting, and General Sewing

6. Maxi Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread 

Maxi Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread 

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The Maxi Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread is another excellent single cone solution. Usually, Serger Threads are available in a set of three four five six cones. But some people want to purchase a single cone thread. Therefore Maxi Lock comes up with this excellent product. If you want an excellent quality only serger theard option, you better buy this one.

The built quality of the product is fantastic, with top-quality spun Polyester with great variegated colors. Excellent seam strength, consistent sewability, mildew, and UV light tolerance, shirk, and abrasion-resistant are the benefits you will get from this thread.

Also, the price of the thread is pretty reasonable. You will get several color options to choose from. And on the cone, you will get 3000 yards of thread. Overall, it is an excellent product to have within your budget.

Product Highlights

  • Made of Spun Polyester
  • Several color options
  • Offers excellent seam strength
  • Ensures consistency
  • Adjust with the speed and tension of the serger
  • UV light tolerant
  • Shrink and Abrasion resistant

7. Threadart Polyester Serger Thread

Threadart Polyester Serger Thread

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Thread declared a money-back guarantee for thirty days that means they are pretty confident about their product. This little champ is another fantastic product for the price that is available in fifty different colors. You can purchase your favorite color without any tension.

The built quality of the Thread Polyester Serger Thread is fantastic, with durable Polyester on large cones. The cone is well-constructed with excellent quality materials. You will get 2750 yards of thread in every cone, which is more than enough to handle a big project. The price is reasonable, so you can purchase as many as you wish of different colors.

The thread is a combination of Polyester and cotton. So, you will get the desired strength and softness. It works perfectly on a thread machine without creating any mess. The product is excellent in every way. You better try it once before the stock expires. Click the add to cart button to ensure your purchase.

Product Highlights

  • Strong and smooth
  • Ideal for serger machine
  • Adjust correctly with the speed and tension
  • Polyester and cotton made
  • 2750 yards of thread
  • Available in fifty different colors
  • Reasonably priced

8. Gutermann 1001S-20 Serger Thread

Gutermann 1001S-20 Serger Thread

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Gutermann Premium Serger Thread is another top-quality option for your Serger machine. Why is this one different from others? It is because of the making of these threads and their ability to perform under heavy pressure. They are just perfect for withstanding the serger machine’s tremendous speed and coping perfectly with the tension.

The thread is made of complete polyester material. You will be amazed by the performance, and it is compatible with most of the standard serger machines. You will not experience any mess with the serger; therefore, you can use these threads for an extended period.

They offer uninterrupted performance on 3-thread and 4-thread overlock machines like a true champion. They are easy to use and offer exceptionally excellent performance. The product is available in multiple colors. The price of the set is also reasonable. Give it a go. I am sure you will be amazed.

Product Highlights

  • Made of Polyester
  • Strong thread
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures uninterrupted performance
  • Ideal for overlock and serger sewing
  • Multiple color options

9. 2-Beez Bundle Set of 16 Assorted Colors of Serger  

2-Beez Bundle Set of 16 Assorted Colors of Serger

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2-Beez Bundle Set is the last option in here. It is considered one of the best according to professional sewers. They said this product is just perfect.

The product is available in 16 cones. Each cone offers a different color of thread. Our readers often said they want to purchase a thread set that offers several color options at once. They don’t want to pick threads one after another for different color options. For them, this is the best option as you will get every essential color on the set.

The threads on each cone are made of complete polyester materials. Therefore, you will get unbelievable strength and durability. Each cone offers 1640 yards of thread. You can use them easily on any large project as they match most of the sergers. Overall, the 2-Beez Bundle Set is outstanding for the price. Give it a go before the stock expires.

Product Highlights

  • Polyester made
  • 16 cones of different colors
  • Each cone offers 1640 yards of thread.
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with most of the threads

10. Madeira Poly White 2000YD Serger 

The Maderia Poly White is another single option for those who search for it. It is another most excellent product that is durable and offers reliable performance. You will enjoy your serger sewing if you use this thread.

The thread is made of Core-spun polyester material. You will get a single cone that contains 2000 yards of threads. This thread is widely praised for its incredible strength. It can endure the superior speed of a serger machine like a true champion.

The price of the set is reasonable too. You should give it a go. The product is top-rated among the sewers. So, the stock might end up soon enough. After that, you have to wait a long period to get your one. That’s why it is better to ensure your deal just right now.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • 2000 threads in the cone
  • Endure the speed and tension perfectly
  • Reasonably priced
  • 100% Polyester made
  • Compatible with most of the standard serger machines

Those are the reviews for you. We have discussed ten incredible serger thread options. You can pick any of the above products without any hassle. But before you do, please read the above buying guide section. It will help you to determine which product is worth buying and which product needs to overlook.

Are You Looking For Serger Thread? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Things to consider before buying a Serger ThreadQuality threads are the main requirement for completing a task correctly. If you use a chap serger thread, it might clog your serger machine and result in fuzzy and bulky seams.

Therefore, you should buy a quality serger thread. But the question is, how?

In this section, I will discuss and share some tips so that you can pick the top-rated serger thread within a few minutes. Let’s get started:


Serger Threads can be made of Polyester, cotton, nylon, and so many other materials.

But Polyester is the most common among them. People worldwide use Serger Thread made of Polyester as they are strong, flexible, and durable.

Polyester-made threads are suitable for multiple usages. These are also abrasion-resistant, reduce puckering, offer matte finish, and be available in a wide variety of colors.

You can also go for a poly-wrapped poly core thread that offers excellent strength. You will get attractive flat seams with this kind of thread. Cotton-made threads are not very ideal for the serger machine. 

These threads can create a mess on your serger machine with its short fibers. Also, they are not very strong compared to Polyester and poly core threads. Nylon threads are good, as well. These are very strong and ideal for swimwear and sportswear. 

Wooly nylon threads are also available in the market that is stretchy and soft. They can also be used for swimwear, sportswear, elasticized fabric, and so on. You have to decide the material according to your requirements. People often get confused about this. If you want to play safe, Polyester is the right option for you.


There was a time when serger threads were available only in a few primary colors. But things have changed recently. The market is full of a wide variety of serger threads of different colors.

Also, there are multiple shades available that can be blended with your fabric ideally. Selecting the color is totally up to you. You have to check the color of your fabric and try different colors to match the thread perfectly.

Smoothness and Length

You should go for a smooth serger thread. Otherwise, it will not go through the serger effectively and will fail to create stretchy seams.

Serging work requires a lot of threads. Thus, it would help if you looked for serger threads that are at least 3000 yards long. You can even find 6000 yards long threads in the market too. Don’t forget to check the quality of the cone. It must be durable and solidly constructed.

UV Resistant and Lint Free

The thread you are selecting must contain less lint if you want hassle-free sewing. It would also help if you looked for an option that is UV resistant, mildew resistant, and never shrinks. These things are not mandatory, but if you can get those qualities, you will be benefited.


Serger Threads are not very expensive products. You will surely get one within your budget range. But there is an old saying that goes like this ‘you will get what you pay for.’ If you need the best, you have to spend a bit more.

Above we have enlisted some of the most excellent product that is cost-efficient as well. You can pick one from the above list if you don’t want any hassle.

Final Words

That’s all for the best Serger Thread article. I hope you enjoyed reading everything I have included here. My purpose is to help you to select the most excellent serger thread within a few minutes. I wish I have added some value.

All the above threads I have mentioned above are fantastic and proven. You can, without any doubt, purchase one. Using Serger Machine is an excellent idea for regular sewers, but a cheap thread can ruin your day.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the best from the market. I am leaving you right now. If you have anything else to say, feel free to comment. See you soon for a lot more.

Thanks for reading!

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