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The 10 Best Sewing Machines For Making Cloth – Reviews & Guide

We all prefer to be creative and contemporary when it comes to the clothes we put on. But quality clothes are damn expensive.

Besides, you will never have the exact design and style you desire. Hence, some people like to make their clothes in their style.

Again, clothing is a vast industry. Some individuals want to produce clothes to make some money. For this, you must need needle power.

Who will give you that power? Indeed, your sewing machine! With the right sewing machine on your hand, clothing making will be smoother than ever, no matter whether you are a pro or a newcomer.

The purpose of the article is to present you with some of the latest sewing machines so you can pick up the appropriate one with no difficulty.

With a high-quality sewing machine, you can work for long periods, have stitches for any project, and deal with a wide variety of fabrics. In this article, we will discuss the ten best sewing machines for making clothes.   

Let’s go ahead of the actual journey.

Our Top 3 Recommendations – Sewing Machine For Making Clothes

“Following are the top three recommended products based on personal experience and customer feedback”

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine For Making Clothes Reviews

I realize it is painful to identify the top sewing machines for making clothes, specifically if you are a beginner in this sector. The market shows a wide range of sewing machine options from which choosing the appropriate model is a severe business. Lots of choices can delude people.

If you are a newcomer in this field, don’t feel shocked. We are with you all. In this article, we will discuss the ten most prominent sewing machines for your help. All the products we’ve included here are well-tested and perfect in every way.

At the end of the article, you will be able to purchase one without any issues. Let’s begin the reviews.

1. Brother XM2701  

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

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Brand Brother
Built-in Stitches 27
Weight 12.6 Pounds
Buttonhole Auto Size
Power Source Corded Electric
Country of Origin China
Dimensions 12.1 x 5.9 x 15.3 inches

Brother is one of the few big names in the sewing machine industry. Since they have formed, they are created and sold top-quality products for the price. They aim to satisfy their consumers in every possible way. In our list, you will get four brother sewing machines.

They are almost similar to each other, with slight changes in their specification and price. On top of that, we have put the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine for many reasons.

Brother XM2701 is a versatile machine with 27 unique built-in stitches, including the most common zigzag, blind hem, and other decorative stitches. The machine is perfect for both beginners and professionals. The built quality of the XM2701 is outstanding with top-quality materials.

Brother XM2701 is an excellent choice for the price. If you are on a tight budget, this is the solution for you. Hurry up; the stock is limited.

Product Highlights

  • 800 stitches per minute
  • Six different sewing feet included
  • Jam resistant
  • 27 stitches and 63 stitch functions
  • Instruction manual included

2. Brother CS6000i 

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

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Brand Brother
Material Aluminum
Weight 5896 Grams
Power Source Corded Electric
Built-in Stitches 60
Buttonholes 7 styles of auto-size
Dimensions 6.7″D x 16″W x 11.4″H

Our second product is from Brother as well. In this list, you will get two more products from the mighty Brother brand. While looking for the best sewing machines for making clothes, we have found that brother leads the market with Singer’s quality.

This Brother CS6000i probably is the most reviewed sewing machine on Amazon. It is specially designed for beginners. Thus, the product is easy to operate with simple functions.

The built quality of the Brother CS6000i is not different from other Brother products. It is made of top-quality materials. So the machine will serve you a couple of years with no hassle. Also, the machine is a built-in free arm at a low price point.

The users can sew cuffs and sleeves quickly. The product comes with a large table and features buttonholes and excellent sewing speed. If you need options, speed, and efficiency, Brother CS6000i is the choice you should make.

Product Highlights

  • LCD included
  • Wide ranges of stitch styles
  • User-friendly design
  • Automatic needle threader included
  • Adjustable stitch speed with a minimum stitch length of 5 millimeters
  • Built-in the free arm
  • Wide table

3. SINGER Tradition 2277 

SINGER |Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

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Color White
Material Metal
Stitch Applications 97
Buttonhole Automatic 1-Step
Power Source Corded Electric
Dimensions 15 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches

In the sewing machine industry, SINGER is another big name. They have been making top-quality sewing machines of different types since they formed. Their products are outstanding in terms of built quality, performance, and price.

This Singer Tradition 2277 is no exception. It is one of their most significant inventions. They used the highest grade materials to construct this product. Surely the Singer 2277 will last many years.

The product is made of a heavy-duty metal frame. Also, it features an automatic embroidery needle threader that saves a lot of time for the user. The stitch length and width are adjustable too. No matter the fabric type, this machine will work like a real champ.

You will also get a 1-step buttonhole for professional-grade results. There are six essential stitches, seven stretch stitches, nine decorative stitches, and one buttonhole for handling different projects. The price of the product is not prohibitive.  

Product Highlights

  • 23 built-in stitches included
  • It comes with an automatic embroidery needle threader.
  • Stitch length and width adjustable
  • 1-Step Buttonhole
  • Heavily constructed

4. SINGER 7258 

SINGER 7258  Sewing Machine

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Brand Name SINGER
Material Plastic, Metal
Weight 18.74 Pounds
Dimensions 17.72 x 10.24 x 14.96 inches
Power Source Corded Electric
Is Electric? Yes
Batteries Required? No
Country of Origin China

The SINGER 7258 is for quilters and occasional cloth makers. With this, you can create a masterpiece in no time. The product comes with 100 different types of stitch patterns.

That means you can handle any projects and fabric. The 7258 features all the fundamental and advanced features that will help you to become a pro.

It is designed to last and serve you for many years. SINGER always makes its products with the highest grade materials. This one is no exception. The product is not very pricey as well. If you give it a go, I am sure you will never regret it.

Remember, this one is one of its popular models of Singer. So the stock might end up soon. So, hurry up and ensure your deal before the stock expires.

Product Highlights

  • 100 built-in Stitches
  • Easy stitch selection with a push of a button
  • Six built-in 1-Step Button Hole included
  • LED included for optimal viewing
  • Solid construction

5. SINGER Heavy Duty 4411 

SINGER Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

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Built-in Stitches 11
Basic Stitches 6
Decorative Stitches 4
Built-in Buttonhole 1
Stitches Per Minute 1,100
Country of Origin Vietnam
Dimensions 8.8″D x 18″W x 13.4″H

SINGER 4411 is one of the most robust machines on the market today. It is constructed with top-quality materials. Thus, it will last and serve for many decades. The machine comes with 11 built-in stitches, six basic stitches, four decorative stitches, and a buttonhole.

So, it is perfect for crafts, home décor, fashion sewing, and many more. You can also adjust the needle position according to the fabric type you are working on.

The sewing machine offers 1100 stitches per minute, which is more than enough from a sewing machine of this price range. The presser foot control is also adjustable. You can quickly change the presser based on the fabric. Overall, it is an excellent product for the price. Give it a go; you will love the performance.

Product Highlights

  • 11 built-in stitches
  • Built-in Buttonhole included
  • Needle position adjustable
  • Presser foot control is also adjustable.
  • Ideal for sewing both thin and thick fabrics
  • Strong construction

6. SINGER Start 1304 

SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

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Material Metal
Weight 9.8 Pounds
Built-in Stitches 6
Stitch Applications 57
Power Source Treadle Powered
Dimensions 7″D x 13″W x 11.5″H

SINGER Start 1304 is another excellent product for both beginners and professionals. Like all the other SINGER products, this one is also made of top-quality materials. It is durable and long-lasting. If you care for the machine properly, it will last many years.

The sewing machine features a built-in 4-Step Buttonhole. Compared to 1-Step Buttonhole, 4-Step is a bit complicated. But at this price, you can only have a 4-Step Buttonhole. It is inexpensive.

The machine also offers a quick and perfect threading facility that saves your time and irritation. The product is loaded with several essential features, along with safety features. You will be amazed by its performance.

Product Highlights

  • Built-in 4-Step Buttonhole included
  • Quick threading facility
  • Stitch dial included for easy stitch selection.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Safe to use

7. Brother ST371HD 

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

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Brand Brother
Machine Type Mechanical Sewing Machine
Built-in Stitches 37
Material Metal
Weight 6.6 Kilograms
Buttonhole Auto Size
Dimensions 7.87″D x 16.1″W x 12.21″H

In number seven, we’ve put the third option from the mighty Brother brand. They are competing with Singer and many other brands for their quality.

Most of their products are well-built; some of them are even the best in the market. Brother Sewing Machine ST371HD is one of the best in their collection.

The Brother Sewing Machine ST371HD is a heavy-duty machine designed to handle high volumes with top precision. The product can handle different types of fabrics, regardless of thickness and weight. It can treat denim to silk with no issue.

The product has a metal needle plate included that protects the threading mechanism. Also, these features pick up speed like a champion. The price of Brother ST371HD is reasonable. You can give it a go to learn sewing.

Product Highlights

  • Strong and tough with quality construction
  • Metal needle plate included
  • Metal Chassis
  • Consistent stitching performance at a higher speed
  • Instruction DVD included

8. AGM Portable Sewing Machine

AGM Portable Sewing Machine

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Brand AGM
Material Metal
Weight 5.45 Pounds
Power Source Corded Electric
Built-in Stitches 12
Dimensions 12.4 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches

The market is full of quality Brothers and Singer Sewing machines. To compete with these two, you have to create something extraordinary. AGM, with its portable sewing machine, does this perfectly. This is the only product that can compete with lots of quality products of Singer and Brother.

After the success of this product, AGM is creating many other products currently. But this one is the best. Thus we’ve included it on our list.

The AGM Portable Sewing Machine is multifunctional with double thread and double speed. You can create a neat, straight, and firmer stitch. The machine comes with 12-stitch patterns for handling different projects. The machine is portable.

Also, it features anti-slip bottom pads that ensure the safety of the user. Both beginners and professionals can use the product with no hassle. The price is reasonable too.

Product Highlights

  • 12 stitch patterns
  • Anti-slip Bottom Pads
  • One button on/off system
  • Lighting lamp, replaceable foot, cut and sew overlock stitches, and reverse sewing system included
  • Excellent construction with top-quality materials

9. Janome Magnolia 7318 

Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine

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Brand Janome
Color White
Material Plastic
Weight 17.2 Pounds
Power Source Treadle Powered
Built-in Buttonhole 18
Dimensions 10.5″D x 18.75″W x 14.75″H

Our second last product is the Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine. It is another unique entry-level sewing machine with all the essential features. The machine offers a total of 18 utility and decorative stitches. You will also get a 4-step automatic Buttonhole.

Operating the machine is more tranquil. For example- you can select the stitch with a dial that can be turned with a quick flick of the wrist. Even locking stitches are comfortable with a reverse lever.

The built quality of the product is fantastic, with the highest grade materials. The product is ideal for both beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Janome Magnolia 7318 has all the fundamental features included, yet the price is reasonable. Admittedly, it is worth a try.

Product Highlights

  • 18 utility and decorative stitches
  • 4-step automatic Buttonhole
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for both beginners, intermediate and advanced users
  • Solid construction
  • It comes with a valid instruction manual.

10. Brother CE7070PRW 

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

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Brand Brother
Material Metal
Weight 10 Pounds
Built-in Stitches 70
Buttonholes 7 Auto-Size
Sewing Feet 7
Dimensions 19.49 x 12.72 x 15.91 inches

Parting is painful, yet it is the ultimate truth of life. But we decided to make the ending memorable with an outstanding sewing machine. Yes, I am talking about the Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW, one of the current time’s leading options.

The product is best for the price. It is loaded with all the fundamental features. The construction quality is outstanding with high-class materials. It will last for many years with no hassle.

The functions are super simple. Newbies can quickly learn to operate the machine. And for experts, this machine is not at all a problem.  The parts are made of plastic, but they used top-quality plastic. Unlike other plastic-made sewing machines, it will not break easily.

The product is extremely lightweight. If you need to carry the machine often, this is the right choice you can make. Other essential features are added to the following bullet points. Have a look and decide. Hurry up the stock is limited!

Product Highlights

  • 70 built-in stitches
  • Seven built-in one-step buttonhole stitches
  • An extra-wide working table included
  • It comes with seven snap-on presser feet
  • Easy threading of both the upper spool and the bobbin
  • Features An automatic needle threader and convenient needle plate
  • An excellent feed system and a free-motion quilting feature

The reviews of the top sewing machines for making clothes are ended here. Wait a minute, don’t leave just now. We’ve included another section for you in this article. In that section, you will get some exclusive tips for purchasing sewing machines for making clothes.

You may wonder if I know the names of the best product, why should I read the buying guide? In that case, you need to remember; that the best depends on your preference.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine For Making Clothes

Things to Consider Before Buying Sewing Machine For Making ClothesWhen choosing a sewing machine, you need to take note of some of the essential features. Otherwise, you might end up with one of the best sewing machines that don’t fit your needs at all. It’s an expensive machine. So, think before you act.

We’ve enlisted some of the top-rated machines based on their construction, performance, and price on our list of best sewing machines for making clothes. They all are outstanding, but not all are best suited for your needs.

Thus, the following buying tips are essential for you. I will share buying tips based on my personal experience and based on some other professionals’ expertise. Let’s begin:

Mechanical Vs. Computerized

The first thing you need to know is about sewing machines and decide based on your preference. There are two types of machines available in the market. They are:

If you are a newcomer in this sector, you have to purchase a more straightforward and budget-friendly solution. In that case, non-computerized machines are the best fit. Mechanical or non-computerized devices are perfect for learners.

Those machines have all the essential functions that will help you to become a pro quickly. Besides, novice people must have a machine that can do simple straight stitches, zigzags, and buttonholes. Those are more than enough for learning.

If you have enough experience and skills in this sector and are ready to deal with complicated projects and designs, you can think of a computerized sewing machine. Those are expensive and loaded with all the basic and advanced features.

Thus, they are a bit complicated to operate. So, computerized sewing machines are suggested for pros. On a computerized sewing machine, you will get a wide variety of stitching options and many other additional options to handle your project with ease. The next discussion is on the stitching options, don’t leave.

Stitching Options

The most used stitches among most of the sewers are zigzag and straight. Approximately 99% of sewers use only these two types most of the time. So, these two options are a must on a sewing machine, whether mechanical or computerized.

All the other options are a bonus for your task. While shopping for a sewing machine for making clothes, remember that.

Sewing Machine Feet

Sewing machine feet are another critical factor to consider while shopping. The feet type will let you sew, depending on the materials you want to sew. Remember, feet pressure for sewing clothing and sewing a quilt must be different; otherwise, you will damage the fabric.

If the machine you are buying doesn’t come with the specific feet you need, you should purchase something else. You can also look for additional accessories. Purchasing other accessories will cost less instead of buying a higher-end machine.


People purchase things so that they last. Besides, a sewing machine is a significant investment. Surely, you will need it to last and serve you a few years. In that case, you should purchase a machine with a metal chassis and all metal parts.

Also, there should be a plastic case cover included. Compared to flimsy and easy-to-break plastic machines, all-metal-made machines are more durable. But the problem is those machines cost a bit more, and they are a bit heavier.

And the good part is, these machines are ready to handle the thickest fabrics like a true champions. If you are serious about sewing, this is highly recommended to purchase a sewing machine made of metal.


If you wish to carry your machine often, you must purchase a small and lightweight machine. But lightweight machines are less durable; you have to be aware of that too.

But if you have sufficient space and don’t want to move the machine, I strongly recommend purchasing a massive machine.

Also, look for a machine with a carrying case. This will help you to carry the machine whenever necessary.

Adjustable speed control

Adjustable speed control is one of the most efficient features one can have on a machine. You are going to handle a wide variety of fabrics on your sewing machine.

So, speed adjustment is a must-have feature. It will allow you to control the speed easily according to the fabric you are working with. Speed adjustment is essential for both beginners and experts. You can slow down and speed up the stitching at any time if this feature is included.

So, it is highly recommended to purchase a sewing machine with an adjustable speed control system.


Well, sewing machines make noise while working. If the noise is too much, it can cause additional pain. So, pick a machine that produces less sound. Otherwise, the machine will irritate you as well as your family and neighbors.

One-step Buttonhole

Many people consider this a less important feature. But truth be told, it is not. With a one-step buttonhole function, you can save a lot of your time and hassle. I prefer a one-step buttonhole. They are less complicated compared to the four-step Buttonhole.

This feature is handy for novice sewers. This feature is mostly available in costly models, but if you can manage this one, it will add significant value. 

Multiple Needle position

Different tasks require different needle positions. When sewing on zippers or hemming, or topstitching, you have to reposition the needle. So, you should pick a sewing machine with varying positions of the needle. If you are working on various projects and designs, this feature will save you often.


Well, we all are on a budget. Some have a higher budget for a sewing machine, and some others have a lower budget. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to be worried. There are options for you too. You can check our best sewing machine to make clothes options above.

You will defiantly get one from the list. But remember one thing; you will get what you pay for. If you need the best, you have to spend a bit more.

Final Words

I’ve mentioned all the essential information regarding sewing machines. You have seen reviews already, along with fundamental buying tips. Now the ball is in your court. It is you who will decide which product is suitable for you.

All our best sewing machines for making clothes are well made, as you can see, and can serve as a true champion. With no confusion, you can pick one from the list.

Still, if you don’t want to purchase from the list, you can think of something else. Nobody is forcing you. But don’t get anything worse.

Read the buying guide section carefully, no matter where you wish to purchase. I am leaving right now. If you have anything to know, feel free to comment. We will get back to you soon with many more. Till then:

Sewing Safely!

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