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Janome 2222 Sewing Machine Review

Janome 2222 Sewing Machine

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People purchase sewing machines for many different reasons. For some, it is a fun way to pass the time and explore their creativity.

For others, they have already made a firm decision that they would like to build a career in sewing.

The Janome 2222 Sewing Machine review will demonstrate that this machine is best suited for the latter. It is feature-packed when compared to other entry-level sewing machines.

However, one of its downsides is the noise levels. Some have complained that it makes a sound similar to that of a flying plane.

However, this is the perfect machine for beginners looking for an inexpensive yet feature-packed machine suited to beginners.

Features of the Janome 2222 Sewing Machine

Twenty-two built In Switches.

This is a great feature for a serious beginner to have; these many switches come in handy, especially when making elaborately designed fabric.

However, for those newbies who want to make pillows and curtains, a simpler machine would do fine.

All these stitches save one the unnecessary hustle of having to design one’s stitches from scratch.

Several creations one can make using this section, which is only limited by one’s imagination.

This is a great way for a beginner to discover their creative side without limits. They are learning to make stitches that can be time-consuming and even kill one’s ambition of using a sewing machine. This feature is quite awesome.


The making of easy-to-use sewing machines for beginners is common by Janome. This sewing machine is no exception. One does not require any training from anyone.

A serious newbie can begin honing their skills the same day they receive their machine.

One feature that makes it quite easy to use is an automated threader. Consequently, the process of threading takes place with little hustle, even for beginners.

Another important feature in making this machine easy to use is the needle plate.


This is a great feature for any sewing machine to have. Having recognized that its previous model before the Janome 2222 was bulky, the company began to look for a solution.

They replaced some of the parts and cut down the weight of this sewing machine by a pound.

At 13.2 pounds, the Janome 2222 is relatively easy to cart. Consequently, carrying it alone will not be as much of a hustle as with the previous model.

In addition to cutting down the weight, this machine also features an ergonomic carrying handle. This ensures that one does not strain their arm, thus reducing the risk of injury.

A quick peek at it will reveal a practical guide on setting the different stitches by turning the dial.

Powerful Motor

This is complementary to the twenty-two built-in stitches. The Janome 22222 also comes equipped with a powerful motor that is capable of 860 stitches per minute.

Most other sewing machines in its class have 850 stitches per minute capability.

Although the difference in the number of stitches per minute is minimal, it does give it an edge over the competition. When this is combined with this sewing machine’s price range, it completely sprints ahead of the competitors.

Also, the motor is capable of working with virtually any type of fabric. This includes denim, which can be tough to work on with some other machines targeted to beginners.

Free Arm

A common mistake made by newbies is purchasing sewing machines without this feature. Without the free arm feature, works with collars and cuffs become almost impossible.

One must check to make sure any basic sewing machine includes this feature. The fact that Janome has seen it fit to include the feature only boosts the machine’s likeability.

This feature-packed sewing machine is awesome for carrying out almost any task.

Also, it has a drop feed feature. This enables one to make straight stitches, even without much experience.

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  • It is very lightweight, thus, quite portable.
  • It has the ability to use universal bobbins and needles; quite convenient for those who live far from Janome dealers.
  • It is quite powerful, with the capability to sew through as many as four layers of tough fabric.
  • Automated needle threader, which makes using the machine quite easy.
  • Easy to understand manual, which makes using the machine even easier.


  • It is a bit too complex for absolute newbies and thus not suitable for them.
  • The illuminating light is a bit too dim.

Final Verdict

The Janome 2222 Sewing Machine review has shown this to be a newbie-friendly machine. It is a bit complex for absolute beginners who have never seen a sewing machine before.

However, this machine is undoubtedly a better bargain for those willing to learn than other simpler sewing machines.

The Janome 2222 is full of features, which will leave newbies spoilt for choice on how to display their creativity. An awesome, easy-to-use sewing machine offers beginners great value for money.

The machine should be the go-to option for anyone serious, considering sewing and not just as a hobby. It has all the basic features that even an experienced tailor would require.

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