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Janome Skyline S3 Sewing Machine Review

Janome Skyline S3 Sewing Machine

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Janome is well known for making a machine that provides prolonged service. This machine from them is highly efficient for learners. It has almost all the necessary features to carry out different types of projects.

Also, you can purchase this machine for an affordable amount. It might lack some other features, but it can serve satisfactorily for advanced-level sewists.

Features Of Janome Skyline S3

To start, this is a highly computerized machine. You will love to sew with this machine since it has features to make the sewing machine process effortless. This machine will enable new sewists to explore their creative potential smoothly.

Moreover, for teaching or training environments, this machine is suitable.

Let’s see what else this machine has to offer you.

120 built-in stitches

This is a decent amount of stitch collection for beginner-level machines. With this collection of stitches, you will be able to perform a wide variety of projects. The stitch collection has a group of decorative stitches. When doing any creative project, the decorative stitches will help you to create exquisite designs.

820 stitches per-minute

It is a fairly fast machine. That’s quite obvious for the stitch production range. With these 820 stitches per minute, you will be able to finish projects faster and easier. The stitches’ quality will not be compromised for different types of materials and different thicknesses of materials. All machines in this category don’t have this stitch production range. Gladly, this machine will ease your sewing process with its stitch production.

Stitching pattern

You will find various fonts for making letters on garments. This is a unique feature for a machine that is suitable for novice sewists. You can personalize any signs or symbols with the pattern.

The letter and number patterns you will be getting in this machine are- English, Cyrillic, European fonts, numbers, French accent, etc. It seems like this machine is adept at boosting the user’s creativity. Even if you can’t figure out any artistic flair for a project, the machine will be there to help you thoroughly.

Top-loading Bobbin

This is a convenient feature for users. The front-loading bobbin is a little difficult for installing bobbins. From the top, it’s easier to see the bobbin’s shuttle, and you can slide the bobbin without spending much time on it.

Automatic Thread Tension

For beginners, setting the right thread tension can be tough. Incorrect thread tension can cause the needle to break. Also, the machine will be producing imperfect stitches. Stitches can get tangles on the fabric as well. This has been made easier for the users.

One-Hand Needle Threader

This machine also has the feature of an automatic needle threading process. Threading a needle can be a nerve-wracking job sometimes. It’s very unusual for a sewist to thread a needle in one try! Manual threading is a time-consuming process. With this one-hand, needle threader, you will be able to complete the threading needle in no time!

Adjusting Foot Pressure

No matter what speed the machine is creating stitches, you can control the stitching process by pressing the foot pedal. This confirms excellent and proper stitches regardless of the setting.

Internal Metal Cast

This machine lasts longer for its metal interior. You don’t always find a machine of this category to have internal metal formation. For metal construction, this machine sits stable during operation and ensures flawless stitches.

Extra-High Pressure Foot

You can slide a thicker layer of materials under pressure by lifting it extra high. It can be hard to place materials under the pressure foot. Hence, in this machine, placing girthy materials are easier.

Extra Width For Decorative Stitch

Decorative stitches require more space than straight stitches. And you can set the required width with the desired seam allowance in a stitch style by changing the needle position sidewise.

Enhanced Feed System

It’s truly a technologically advanced machine. This machine has a sophisticated feed-dog system, and this is not like other machines. You won’t find this feature in many machines. The specialty of this particular feed-dogs engineering is the feed-dogs stay on the level of the throat plate.

You might wonder how materials can be dragged forward this way? Materials still can be moved forward with this sort of feed-dogs. Also, it assures well-defined and straight stitches.   

Reverse Stitch Button

You won’t have to stop the stitching process and move the fabric to backstitch it. You can press the reverse button and stitch reversely without moving or flipping a piece of fabric.

Wide Throat Plate

This allows the materials to move freely underneath the needle. You can set certain materials properly on the plate with your hand and confirms the machine is stitching it accurately.

70 Needle Position With Stitch Adjustment

Changing the needle position is a part of a project. You can’t perform a project smoothly with a pre-set needle position. Even if you can, it takes a lot of time, making it hard to finish a project.

That might cause you to get annoyed with the sewing process. However, you can set the needle in a huge number of positions in this machine. Hence, performing various projects is enjoyable and smooth with this machine.

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  • 7 one-step buttonhole with one alphabet
  • Memorized needle up and own system
  • Free-arm facility- 8 inches or 205 mm
  • Drop-feed system
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Smooth bobbin winder
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Adjusting stitch length and width
  • Quilting & Embroidering
  • Speed control
  • Stitch locking
  • 7 kinds of presser feet
  • Suitable for medium thick materials
  • DVD instruction manual
  • Serves for a long-time
  • Sturdy formation
  • Needle movements
  • 8’24 inches large working area
  • Double lights for working space
  • It comes with a cover
  • A little heavy about other entry-level machines
  • It doesn’t have the undo feature in the stitch selection panel
  • Snap-on presser foot setting

FAQ About Janome Skyline S3

Does it have an auto needle threader?

A: Yes, you can thread the needle with one head, and it’s easy.

Is this machine suitable for denim?

A: Stitching 2 layers of denim is fairly smooth in this machine. But it will be difficult for the machine to handle more than 2 layers of denim.

What country manufactures this machine?

A: Taiwan.

Does it have the automatic bobbin winder?

A: No

Can I use a walking foot on this machine?

A: Yes. Make sure you use high shank

Does this machine come with an extension table?

A: No. But you can buy one if you want.

Final Thoughts

The construction of the machine is different. You will be able to uncover the top part of the machine; you will find some options for operating the machine. Whereas in the other machines, they are at the top of the machine.

Considering all the features, we must say it has top-notch formation. Finding a machine that is like this in the price range of this machine is rare.  

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