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Juki DDL-8700 Servo Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Review

JUKI DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

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Juki is one of the leading brands in the sewing machine industry. This machine from them is highly recommended as an efficient single needle, plain stitch stitching companion.

Also, with a servo motor, it can operate quietly. This sewing machine is to handles heavy fabrics and leather.

Furthermore, you can operate the machine easily. The important aspect is, it ensures professional stitch quality. 

Features Of Juki DDL-8700 

This machine is highly recommended for many reasons, such as you can control the speed of stitching in this machine for its motor type. Apparently, the servo motor is lighter than a clutch motor. Users feel glad about this particular motor type.

You can reverse the motor to control the speed simply by pressing a switch. However, let’s see what else this machine has to offer its respective user.

Flexible Response To Different Kind Of Materials

This machine is widely popular for its mind-blowing ability for stitching through thick materials. You can stitch different layered fabrics worry-free. The leather is not a concern either.

Moreover, you will be able to stitch double layers of leather successfully. And, you can easily imagine how thick 2 layers of leather can be.

Apart from leather, nylon webbing and vinyl can also be sewn with this machine. Since this machine can handle thick layers, you don’t have to pressure your fingers to feed the materials properly.

Most of the basic sewing machines require feeding the fabric by pressing them with your fingertips. So, it will be saving you lots of energy. Also, it will eliminate the probability of finger and nail injuries.

Consistent Stitch Quality

We have learned this machine can stitch various types of materials. You might think the stitch quality will vary or could be compromised for this.

To our surprise, the stitch quality remains the same regardless of the materials and the thickness of any material!

That means this machine is undoubtedly adept at churning out flawless stitches on materials from light to medium thickness.

And this enables you to carry out complex sewing projects without any interruption in the process. The stitching result will always impress you.

Versatile Uses & Suitable For Any User

Since it’s an industrial-level machine, you will see its vast use in the fashion industry. Also, it can be used at home.

Beginners, professional dressmakers, and hobbyists with an extreme passion for sewing- this machine is suitable for all users.

This machine is used in many sewing schools as well. Its reasonable price and professional services make it perfect for training classes.

Big industries might use other sewing machines, but entrepreneurs consider buying this sewing machine to start their venture within their investment.

Excellent Companion For Exploring

We have already mentioned you could perform any project with the machine. This machine will allow you to realize your sewing potentials.

You will be able to explore without any restriction with this great machine. The results will be also come out satisfactory as the stitch quality doesn’t vary.

This machine doesn’t come with built-in decorative stitches. This can be good for you to develop your sewing skills.

You will be able to get creative without any automated help. This way will be more satisfied after ending a project.

5500 Stitches Per Minute

Do you realize how fast the machine is? The stitch range is unbelievable! Okay, maybe not unbelievable for an industrial category machine.

The point is- this machine can sew through light and thick materials within a snap! Hence, you will end a project earlier and maybe start a new one the same day!

We won’t deny it can be a little too much speed for beginners. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about as a learner because you can control the speed. Are you feeling like buying this machine yet?

Well, you can still feel like the machine is faster for you. But, users say it will not take you long to adapt and learn. Once you learn sewing in this kind of machine, you are certainly coming out an expert on the other end.

Drop-feed Feature

This is a favorite feature of all kinds of sewists. Quilting and embroidering is a must-attempt sewing project for users.

By dropping the feed, you could use the machine for any free-motion sewing to add artistic flair to garments.

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  • Long-lasting
  • Straight lockstitch
  • Incredibly quiet operation for servo motor
  • Vibrates less during operation
  • Smooth operation
  • Work well on a thicker layer of fabric
  • Can handle vinyl, leather, nylon webbing
  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Suitable for home-use
  • Speed control
  • Work-light
  • It could be too fast for beginners
  • Knob operation
  • Heavy formation
  • Needle position is not synchronized
  • The machine table doesn’t have wheels
  • Not suitable for several layer leather, upholstery, and other thick materials

 FAQ About Juki DDL-8700 

Is the height table of the machine is adjustable?

A: Yes

Which country is the machine made in?

A: This machine is made in Japan

Does this machine require oiling?

A: This is an auto oiling machine. There’s an oil tank on the tabletop. You don’t have to oil the machine separately. It would help if you filled the oil tank.

Can I upgrade some desired features in this machine?

A: Yes, you will be able to add or upgrade features with some extra investment.

What is the measurement of the throat of the machine?

A: It’s 10 inches.

Q: Does this machine have a thread stand?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Does this machine require any distinctive thread?

A: You can’t simply the regular threads.

Can I make a buttonhole with this machine?

A: This is not a buttonhole machine.

How many belts the machine comes with, and what is the length of a belt?

A: This machine comes along with 1 belt and is 39 inches in length.

Does the machine come assembled?

A: You need to assemble it. There’s an easy guide for that.

Final Thoughts

As a heavy-duty sewing machine, it has contained necessary characteristics. There are some drawbacks, but focusing on those can’t be wise anyway.

When you buy a sewing machine, the very first this, you consider its stitch efficiency. And, this machine has that quality out-and-out.

The machine structure does look complicated, but the operation and handling of the machine are truly easy.

If you have high hopes for your sewing potential, you can buy this machine. The machine is reliable and can help you to turn your hobby into a profession.

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