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Sewing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are great for gift-giving and making fun crafts! Here are some super easy tips and tricks for keeping DIY Christmas gifts stress-free.

Sewing Tips for the Holidays

  1. Need some extra space? – We know you have a boneyard of stuffing and batting in your sewing room. Invest in some vacuum-sealed storage bags to get some extra space and make organizing so much easier.
  2. Have fun with fleece – Join fleece scraps together with a serger and make colorful throws for family and friends – perfect for a holiday gift. Serge the perimeter for a quick and easy edge.
  3. Chalk clean up – If you have trouble removing chalk trace marks, keep a toothbrush in your sewing kit. A few brush marks with a clean, dry toothbrush remove chalk marks from most fabrics. Toothbrushes also work wonders for cleaning dust and debris from your machine.
  4. Packing peanuts to the rescue – Holiday gifts are all about sparkle and shine. But the metallic thread can be hard to work with. It tends to twist as it comes off the spool, resulting in frequent breakage. To help prevent this from happening, use a hand-sewing needle to push a Styrofoam peanut up into the thread spool, and then thread the machine.  This adds a bit of friction and keeps the thread from twisting as it pulls.
  5. Crafty card scraps – save your holiday fabric scraps and use them to make holiday cards. Simply glue the fabric to card stock and stitch the perimeter to give a nice finished look. Fold the card in half and write your message.

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