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SINGER Curvy 8763 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Singer Curvy 8763  Sewing Machine Review
Singer Curvy 8763  Sewing Machine Review

People are often found searching for a sewing machine that makes a perfect amalgam of durability and versatility.

Singer Curvy 8763  sewing machine review will give a complete insight into the noteworthy features, perks, shortcomings, customer approbation, etc., about this model.

It is a highly appreciated model by the Singer brand that has managed to accumulate customer attention. It has got stunning looks, crafted with a blend of eye-soothing purple and white.

In terms of looks and diligence, this product is a sheer delight for buyers.

Singer 8763 is fashioned with 2 fully automatic one-step buttonholes, an extra-high presser foot lifter, 13 different positions for needles, an Automatic Tacking Stitch function, Center Zigzag Taper, a Heavy duty metal frame, a free arm, and many other noteworthy features.

Features of the Singer Curvy 8763  Sewing Machine

Singer 8763 is a complete package of smart looks and amazing features. Here is what can be expected out of this wonderful sewing machine:

SwiftSmart Threading System

Unlike former models, this one can give easy threading. Singer 98763 is crafted with SwiftSmart technology. It is a completely digital way of how in a few seconds, the threading can be done.

The thread will have to be guided from the spool to the needle, and the machine will handle the rest of the task.

To understand the process better, there is a complete manual available with the machine. It is easy to discover the complete process from the manual.

Drop-In Bobbin

This model has got an easy drop-in bobbin feature that will free the user from the hitch to raise the bobbin thread while sewing. It is quite time-saving and highly convenient to use.

Most of the time, novices find it quite inconvenient to manage sewing and handling bobbins simultaneously. That is why this machine is known to serve beginners brilliantly.

The threading of the bobbin is also more symmetrical and tidier. It just needs to be placed inside accurately, and the machine is all set for amazing sewing crafts.

30 In-Built Stitches

For more options in creating crafts, there are 30 inbuilt stitches. Every stitch has got the tendency to produce stunning designs.

Beginners will find it quite helpful in creating awe-inspiring, easy creation of heirlooms, decorative crafts, designer clothes, decorative home crafts, and much more.

This machine has got 6 essentials, 2 buttonholes, 5 Stretch and 17 decorative, etc. The stitches are easily reachable as they appear right in front.

The required stitch button has to be long pressed unless the LED light appears below the button.

Automatic Stitch Length & Width

Along with the stitches, there is also the provision to set the width and length of the stitch. As soon as the stitch is selected, the premade dimensions are automatically selected.

These dimensions can be changed by using the levers that are available in the button panel.

Moving the level to the left will produce a narrow stitch, and moving it to the right will give a wider stitch.

1-Step Buttonhole

This model also gives the privilege to create quick single-step buttonholes. The style has to be selected. The button is then placed on the location where the buttonhole has to be crafted.

A button can be placed at the One-step buttonhole, and within a few seconds, the machine will give a perfect buttonhole. The machine sews the sides of the buttonholes in a single direction.

Also, it does not let the fabric shift.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame

This model is crafted with a heavy-duty metal frame, giving complete toughness to the machine. The internal portion of the machine is quite solid and durable.

It allows perfect alignment of the fabric and gives skip-free sewing. Due to the heavy-duty metal, all sorts of fabrics can be used for sewing purposes.

This feature also makes the product long-living and highly usable for the customers.


  • Ease of Threading
  • Convenient changing of the presser foot
  • Produce quality stitches
  • Simple creation of buttonhole
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Difficult to get accurate tension on different fabrics

Final Verdict

On reaching the end of the singer curvy 8763 sewing machine review, it will be easy for customers to decide on this model’s credibility.

It has highly considerable features such as a collection of 30 in-built stitches, push-button stitch selection, direct-drive, heavy-duty metal, etc.

All in all, it is a perfect product for beginners. It is also not much heavily priced. The buyers who have already invested in this model seem to be quite satisfied with the product.

AcceYou find with accessories the machine is a darning plate, pack of 5 needles, screwdriver, buttonhole opener, three spoon pin caps, and much more. This model is a perfect purchase for experienced sewers and novices.

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