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Singer Sewing Machine 1507 Review

SINGER 1507WC is a delight for beginners who have just started sewing. It is easy to use and a simple machine designed for uncomplicated and basic sewing projects.

The exceptional features of this machine have led it to the pinnacle of sales in a short period.

This Singer sewing machine 1507 review will give you a complete insight into the product. Among others of the kind, this product is rocking and most admired among the neophytes in sewing.

The dimensions of this product are 15x8x12 inches. It is a portable machine and can be easily transported from one place to another. A canvas cover is also incorporated with the machine that can be used for covering purposes.

Features of the Singer Sewing Machine 1507

8 In-Built Stitches

As clothing today has been quite reformed in fashion, this model provides you colossal options to craft fashion apparel and decorative goods.

This little machine has got eight inbuilt stitches that are quite helpful in designing fashionable products.

Every stitch can craft mind-blowing sewing concepts. There are options for fashion sewing, crafts, decorating, and decorative sewing.

Thus, newbies can easily ` by mixing and match various types of stitches and enhance their taste of sewing fashion products.

Hassle-Free Threading and In-Built Storage

Threading has always been a prime concern for all sewing machine users. It could be an experienced user using sewing machines or a novice; a new machine always builds bewilderment to understand the right approach to threading.

Well, this machine has quite a trouble-free approach. You can thread the machine instantly and without any hassle. There are arrows drawn on the machine that can help you in finding your way to the thread.

The course that is described on the machine has to be followed.

There is onboard storage available with the machine that lets you have easy access to the accessories you have gotten along with.

Adjustable Stitch Length

This machine helps in keeping the seams strong. It also helps prevent bunching on any fabric type due to its adjustable stitch length and adjustable width.

Therefore, this machine is great for users to create amazing designs. With the help of this machine, users can set the width of the zigzag up to 5 mm, which can help make a bolder stitch.

Handy Free Arm

There is a feature of the handy free arm. It makes the sewing of difficult areas quite convenient for users, such as collars, cuffs, pant hems, etc.

The newbies usually find it difficult to approach these areas and sew them perfectly; this feature helps them in sewing the hard-to-handle portions with ease.

It is yet another exceptional feature incorporated in this machine and makes it a perfect model to invest in if you are at sewing’s primary steps.

Four Snap-On Presser Feet

The foot presser is equipped with four snaps that allow users to change from one-foot presser to another effortlessly. Most people take help from screwdrivers to switch the pressers. With this model, it has become highly trouble-free to switch from one presser to another.

Automatic Four-Step Buttonhole

A buttonhole is another issue for novices. But with the help of an automatic four-step buttonhole, users can get the best results seamlessly.

It is like a boon for the new learners as they usually get stuck while they craft buttonholes. In this way, they can easily perform the task with sheer perfection.


  • Eight In-Built Stitches for more design options
  • Multiple accessories are available for free with this product
  • Helpful manual guide


  • Not a perfect model for experienced users. The features are for primary learners.

Final Verdict

In concluding the Singer sewing machine 1507 review, it is necessary to inform you that it is a perfect addition to the Singer family of sewing machines.

This product has made a bombastic entrance in the market, and it is keeping up the pace as far as sales are concerned.

It is a perfect purchase for new learners as the machine is equipped with every prime feature that a novice learner might need.

Several accessories are incorporated into the product. It is also among the list of most recommended sewing machines.

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