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Bernina B 215 Sewing Machine Review

Bernina is one of the brands to reside on the top-list of the market. They are well known for fine Swiss technology. Also, they are highly praised for building the best sewing machine for novice sewists.

On that note, this machine is a perfect choice for beginners. Although it’s a beginner-level machine, it is reasonably computerized.

You will find some productive features in this machine, making it highly efficient. If you are interested in this machine, keep on reading to reveal its unique characteristics. [/su_note]

Features Of Bernina B 215

To start, this machine produces spectacular stitches. Also, the sewing process is fast and powerful.

Let’s take a look at the important features of this machine and how they are going to make your sewing experience breezier.


This machine has been made user-friendly with a bunch of computerized features. For a starter sewing machine, this machine has enough computer-enhanced aspects to aid the sewing process.

Easy Operation

Even if the machine possesses computerized characteristics, operating the machine is no problem. Seemingly, you will be able to handle it intuitively, as people claimed. 

Regardless, it comes with a thorough user manual. It will certainly help you if you come across any operational issue. 

11 Built-in Stitches

As we have already mentioned, the machine is essentially computerized, the proof for that- all these 11 built-in stitches.

Automatic Needle Threader

Needle threading is no trouble for the beginner in this machine. With its automatic needle threading system, the thread will be inside the needle swiftly.

For a beginner-level sewing machine, having this kind of feature makes the machine truly skillful.

Automatic Need Control

You can set the needle up and down with a push button. This can save you from potential injuries on your hand while setting the needle manually.

Moreover, you can set the needle in 9 different positions. This is one of the best things about this machine as different projects require different needle positions.

Gladly, this machine has 9 needle positions aiding you through any creative project. You can attempt and complete a project without any interruption with this machine.

Impressive Stitch Production & Stitch Range

The stitches of this machine are seamless. Besides, this machine produces up to 900 stitches like a champ!

Normally, you will find machines producing 750 to 850 stitches per minute. This range of stitches is rare in the category of beginner-level sewing machines.

Automatic Thread Adjustment

Thread adjustment can be tough for new learners. People seem to lose their minds over it when they fail to adjust the thread properly. That’s very natural.

This machine has a system for setting the thread width and length with buttons. And, you won’t have to lose your mind over it anymore.

4 Types Of Presser-Foots

Before mentioning any other presser-foots, let us tell you, this machine comes with an over-lock foot!

There are some other feet, such as zipper foot, blind-stitch foot, and buttonhole foot. By the way, machines usually contain only these three pressure-foots, not an over-lock foot.

Customized Machine Body

Although it has nothing to do with the machine’s excellence, who doesn’t appreciate nice designs?

From their website, you can choose your preferable color for the machine. Let’s blow your mind once again- it’s not just for the colors; you ask them to prepare the machine skin with your very own designs.

Stitching Heavy Materials

You can easily sew 2 to 3 layers of thick fabric with this machine. For example, stitching some jeans can easily be done with this machine. That’s a unique feature for an entry-level sewing machine.

The machine sits stable for its sturdy formation. This is one of the crucial reasons for the stitches to come out perfectly on any fabric/material.

Iconic Speed and Power

Stitching speed is faster in this machine. Also, the machine is surprisingly powerful about other beginner-friendly machines.

We have mentioned that the machine can sit stable. Regarding that, it doesn’t move even if you sew at its highest speed. Isn’t that amazing?

Speed Adjusting

Although you can sew at the most powerful speed, you can control the pace with your need. Controlling speed is also easier. All you need to do is to push the buttons on the machine.

Suitable For Younger Users

No, we are not pointing towards new users. We are talking about children younger than 12 years old! 

That means people of any age can use the machine. So, if you see your children have a passion for sewing, you now have a machine to buy them and help them to explore their potentials.

This is incredible because of how often you see people recommend sewing machines for people of younger age. This confirms the idea of the easy and intuitive operation of the machine.

Carry Easy

This machine has a carrying handle that enables users to lift it easily and take it to places. Most of the sewing machines don’t have a handle to carry around. Gladly, this machine has a handle making it user-friendly.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Free arm
  • Maximum stitch length 5mm & width 5.5mm
  • It contains a 4-step buttonhole
  • Monochrome LCD
  • LED work light
  • Easily stitches bulky materials
  • Less decorative stitches
  • Heavier in comparison with another machine
  • Front-loading bobbin
  • It doesn’t have any 1-step buttonhole
  • Manual thread cutter

FAQ About Bernina B 215

Is it a bigger machine as it heavier?

A: The dimensions of the machine are- 19.37 x 16.93 x14.8 inches. Technically, it doesn’t look much big for its slender and compact body formation.

Can I do embroidery on this machine?

A: Yes, you can. This is machine efficient for heavy material stitching, so the capability for embroidery comes naturally. 

Final Thoughts

It seems to have plenty of drawbacks, but no machine is perfect. Even if it lacks features, yet it has the necessary features for a beginner. The productivity of this machine is unquestionable.

It’s a skillful machine with limited characteristics. Not to mention, you are supposed to receive what you pay for. However, with its efficacy, the machine bears some unique features that most starting-level machines don’t possess. 

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