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Janome 128 Sewing Machine Review – Recommended

Janome 128 Sewing Machine Review

This value-priced Janome 128 is an awesome machine, which offers great functionality. It is especially great for use by newbies.

This machine has a convertible free arm, a great feature that defines versatility in a sewing machine.

This feature allows it to perform several different functions that would otherwise not have been possible. Included in the packaging are clearly illustrated instructions that are easy to follow.

This Janome 128 Sewing Machine Review will show that this is one of the easiest machines to operate. This is especially great for beginners with no prior training in sewing.

In addition to being easy to use, this machine is quite inexpensive, making it a real bargain for newbies.


Features of the Janome 128 Sewing Machine

Eight Built-In Stitches

This sewing machine comes fitted witted eight inbuilt stitch designs. This is an awesome feature for newbies who want to learn the ropes of sewing.

Changing the different stitches is relatively easy; one only needs to turn a simple dial that is clearly illustrated.

This is a great number of stitches, considering that the Janome 128 is a value-priced sewing machine. With these stitches, a beginner can begin to experiment and grow hone their sewing creativity.

The stitches are not just mere variations of each other but are quite different. Each stitched design is unique and can be used for growing one’s creativity.


The Janome 128 only weighs eleven pounds; this is quite light for a sewing machine. As a result, this enhances its portability. For those who work mostly on the road, this is a very convenient feature.

In addition to being light, this machine is also very compact.

This was increasing its portability in that one can fit it in with most of their luggage.

The machine also happens to be ergonomic; it has a well-built handle. This handle makes carrying the machine from one place to the other a hustle-free experience.

This should be the machine of choice for those who want a lightweight, compact sewing machine.

Great Build Quality

Inspire of its low price, Janome has not compromised on the build quality. This feature, when combined with the portability of the machine, makes it a great machine.

However, the only downside is that it does not have a case to carry it.

This would have been a great addition. Janome has years of experience in producing machines that are designed to last for decades.

This machine is no expectation. One can expect to use this machine without any problems for many decades to come. When they are done, they can always pass it down to future generations who aspire to hone their sewing talent.


This machine is designed simplistically, making it easy to use by beginners. A complex machine filled with dials and switches can be quite intimidating for beginners.

The manufacturer fully understands this. As a result, they have come up with this machine to deal with this particular customer segment. It will be a great entry-level machine, which is not frustrating to beginners.

One of these features is the free arm; this feature is a must-have for any sewing machine. Without this, performing some actions becomes quite difficult. All of this extra hustle can be quite demoralizing.

Powerful Motor

Some sewing machines can compete with the Janome 128 on price but not power. Value priced sewing machines also tend to be for use with only extremely light materials.

However, with this sewing machine, one can work on any fabric, including denim. Also, one can work with up to four layers of denim material.

It is, however, important to note that this machine is designed specifically for use with fabrics. As a result, it is not suited for use with materials such as leather.

This machine has a speed of up to 650 stitches per second. This is an awesome speed for working with any fabric, especially for beginners.



  • It is easy to use, which is great, especially for beginners.
  • Very portable machine made possible by light and compact design.
  • Adjust thread tension for increasing convenience.
  • A lightbulb, which illuminates the sewing area for ease of use.
  • It has awesome built quality; designed to last for decades.
  • Up to eight individual stitch selections.


Final Verdict

This machine is truly a workhorse that can handle anything thrown at it. The Janome 128 Sewing Machine review has shown it can perfectly well with all types of cloth.

Also, it is made of great build quality. This means one can expect this machine to last for a long time. Consequently, newbies can train with it and hone their skills without worrying about it breaking apart.

Another awesome feature noted in the review is that it is compact and lightweight. All these features combine for one of the best value-priced sewing machines available in the market. This machine is without a doubt value for money.

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