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Finding a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine for Sale Online

Singer 221K Featherweight Sewing MachineSinger featherweight sewing machines are vintage collections. However, Singer has manufactured more than 3 million featherweight sewing machines at first production.

It has produced original featherweight sewing machines until late 1960.

you can purchase it from online websites and reputed.

Moreover, Singer comes up with featherweight sewing machines of different models.

The most popular featherweight sewing machines are the 99K, 221K, and 222K.

You have to be careful while buying featherweight sewing machines. Let’s begin with the differences between these three models of Singer featherweight sewing machines.

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Differences between the 99K, 221K, and 222K machines

The most vintage sewing machine is 99K. It was manufactured earlier than 221K and 222K. Besides, there are many variants available in these models.

Despite having some similarities between these sewing machines, you will find some differences as well. Here are the differences-


The 221K and 222K come up with an almost similar design. You have to pay attention to the specifications to find out the design difference. Therefore, the design of 99K is slightly different from these models.

Variation of models

There are six variants of the 221K featherweight sewing machine. Hence, the 221K4 has a built-in switch for the lamp. The 221K7 comes up with white-colored models and a belt drive for the bobbin. In the 221J, it has produced tan versions in Canada and the UK. Nevertheless, the 99K has 7 variants. In 99K-1, it has tiny 3/4” tension discs.

The 99k-16 and 99K-17 are similar. There is no difference between 99K-24 and 99K31. Thus, these variants offer sturdy wheels, advanced tension, and reverse tension. The 99K13 provides a knee regulator and wooden case. Consequently, the 222K has one variant. In the 222K model, it has a free arm capacity. 


One of the main differences between these featherweight sewing machines is the weight. However, the weight of 99K is 22 pounds. The 221K weighs 11 pounds and the 222K weighs 12.4 pounds.


You can remove the bedplate of the 222K model. In that case, you have to open the screw and remove the bedplate without any extra effort. But you cannot remove the bedplate of 99K or 221K.

Stitch control

The 99K provides 3 types of stitch regulators. It has produced the restructured version of different variants. In 221K, it includes one regular stitch regulator. On the other hand, the 222K offers to sew and darn lever along with the stitch regulator button.


The 221K offers various extra accessories along with the sewing machine such as hemmer, shirring foot, ruffler, adjustable hemmer, large screwdriver, edge stitcher, bias binder, and a small screwdriver.

Consequently, the 222K provides all of the accessories with two extra accessories like the hoop and embroidery darning foot. On the other hand, 99K includes accessories like feed cover plate, tucker, blind stitcher, screwdriver, adjustable hemmer, buttonhole maker, oil dispenser, seam guide, and edge stitcher. 

Instruction Manual 

The manual book of 221k often changed its cover design. It has 55 pages. But 222K includes the same manual book with 95 pages from the beginning to 1961. The 99K comes up with a manual book of 66 pages. Apart from that, you can buy it from any online store or download it online.

Carrying Case 

These sewing machines provide different types of carrying cases. Nevertheless, the carrying case of the 221K has been changed over the years. There is a height difference between the cases of 221K and 222K featherweight sewing machines. Some variants of 99K offer traditional wooden cases. Most of them include portable plastic-made or plywood carrying cases.


There is a slight difference in price between 221K and 222K. As the 222K provides some extra benefits, it can cost you more than 99K and 221K. 

Singer 221K Featherweight Machine

Buying Tips of 99K, 221K, and 222K featherweight sewing machines 

 These featherweight sewing machines have made of durable and sturdy materials. That is why it is still possible to find these vintage sewing machines. Most probably you will find these sewing machines for more years. The collectors are always ready to purchase these sewing machines at any price. Even if, these sewing machines cost more than a brand-new sewing machine.

According to the Singer company, there are three ways you can purchase these featherweight sewing machines. 

Online Sales 

The 99K, 221K, and 222K sewing machines are available on different online selling platforms. Though it is difficult to trust the online purchase, you can at least look at them once. You cannot find all the vintage sewing machines online. Hereafter, the online sellers can present some extra product descriptions for selling the sewing machine.

Because you cannot even see the sewing machine until it reaches your house. In that case, this can be a risky task to order the sewing machine online. Online sellers can misguide you. Most of them do not have the expertise in vintage sewing machines. So, think twice before purchasing any of these featherweight sewing machines from online sales. 

Authorized dealers  

It is hard to find the trusted dealer of these featherweight sewing machines. Some authorized dealers can provide you with original and authentic featherweight sewing machines. Though these authorized dealers ask for a high price, it is better to purchase from them. Because they provide top-notch featherweight sewing machines to their customers. 

The advantage of purchasing these sewing machines from the dealer is you can examine the materials. Also, you can check the built quality, and workability as well. As these sewing machines were made almost 50-70 years ago, it is better to test these sewing machines and confirm the safety assurance. 

After all, it is better to purchase from the dealers than the online sales. If you can check the sewing machine in front of the dealers, you can ask them to repair or service the featherweight sewing machine. Moreover, the dealers will pack the sewing machine in front of you. So, you can check the accessories and carrying case. 

Along with that, you can ask for suggestions for them. Also, dealers can explain to you the process of cleaning and taking care of these featherweight sewing machines. 

Personal Connection  

This is the safest and reliable way to buy a vintage sewing machine. You may get the authentic materials of the sewing machine without repairing them. Sometimes, the owners of vintage sewing machines wanted to sell their sewing machines to their closest people.

If you are lucky enough to find anyone like them, you can collect the sewing machine easily. In that case, you can examine the sewing machine as you want. It is necessary to check the sewing machines before buying at an expensive price.  

Important Things to Consider Before Buying 99K, 221K, and 222K sewing machines

You have to buy a featherweight sewing machine that can give you a better service. While buying these sewing machines, you need to be careful. Besides, you must check the sewing machine properly. 

Check the condition  

It is necessary to buy a sewing machine in good condition. You have to inspect the condition of the sewing machine. Buying a sewing machine without checking the condition can be a loss for you. 

Focus on the built-in metal parts 

You have to focus on metal parts. If these parts are rusty, you should not purchase the sewing machines. It is not possible to secure the sewing machine from rust. Once these sewing machines start to damage, it can be tough to protect them. Most importantly, check the bedplate and foot control capacity. 

Ensure the electric safety 

As the vintage sewing machines are old, so it would be better to check the electrical compatibility of these sewing machines. While checking the electric connectivity, stay away from the sewing machines. If you do not test this, it can be dangerous for you later.

Look into the accessories 

Moreover, you have to look into the accessories of these featherweight sewing machines. Some of these sewing machines may lack bobbin cases, faceplates, or other accessories. Hence, you do not have to buy a sewing machine with crucial defects. Do not purchase a sewing machine without the necessary accessories.


The featherweight sewing machines are expensive in every way. After researching the market price of the sewing machine, you should determine a budget before buying these sewing machines. 

Wrapping up 

Most collectors or passionate sewers love to collect vintage sewing machines. Hence, they

prefer to buy these featherweight sewing machines over the new ones. 

The Singer has been one of the best brands for sewing machines for many years. You can rely on these featherweight sewing machines. But these sewing machines are old, so you need to be aware before buying them. 

Taking care of these sewing machines is necessary for proper maintenance. Clean these sewing machines after you use them. Besides, you have to take your sewing machine for servicing at least once every six months.

You can store these featherweight sewing machines for long years if you maintain them appropriately. 

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