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Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine Review

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

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It’s a beginner-level sewing machine possessing a satisfactory amount of features. For daily household mending, this machine will serve you the best.

Features Of Singer Start 1304

Let’s take a look at its important features elaborately.

Automatic Thread Tension

Identifying the correct thread tension is hard, especially for beginners. Setting the thread tension has been made easy in this machine for you with its automated thread tension setting.

Inappropriate thread tension can cause the needle to snap. Also, threads can get tangled under the fabric.

With this automatic feature, you won’t have to worry about the results of incorrect thread tension.

6 Built-in Stitches

The basic built-in stitches are – straight stitch, scallop stitch, buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, blind-hem stitch, zigzag stitch.

Although they are a handful in the collection, you could be able to perform any beginner-level sewing works with them.

Easy Stitch Selection

This machine doesn’t have any push buttons to set stitches, and it is for the best. Why? Most of the starter sewing machines that come with buttons, don’t add the undo button!

That’s not very convenient as you have to start all over again if your select it wrong by any chance.

This machine has an effective thread selection dial. All you have to do is move it backward and forward according to your need.

Now, even if you select the wrong stitch, you can move it to find the right stitch. With buttons usually, have you press them again and again to get the right stitch.

Extension Table

This machine will allow you to work freely with a broad working area. It is not too wide as a working space. Still, it is fairly big.

You will be able to move fabrics and your hand without any restrain. Also, there won’t be any setbacks in the sewing process with an adequate working place.

Free Arm

The extension table is removable. If you take it out, you can set the free arm. With the free arm setting, you will be able to sew pants, legs, cuffs, sleeves, and patches.

Sewing any narrow opening of garments can be done with a free arm.

Less Vibration & Noise

The machine has a strong construction both inside and outside. Also, the interior is built in metal. That’s why it sits steady when you sew at speed.

Moreover, the machine makes relatively less noise in the way of operations. Compared to this one, sewing machines under this category operate loudly.

Dual Spools Feature

This feature will help with hemming fabrics, decorative activities, and knitting garments. Also, with two-spool of thread working together, you will be able to put two straight and aligned stitches at a time.

As you won’t have to put stitches twice separately, it will save you a good deal of time. Moreover, it will enable you to secure fabric flawlessly with double stitch lines.

Pre-set Stitches For Beginners

This is a positive feature for novice users. Setting the right width and length of stitches is somewhat difficult, making it harder for new learners.

Fortunately, the stitches in this machine are pre-set. So, you don’t have to worry about if you got the stitch length and wide right. In this machine, you can select the stitching category and start stitching right away!

3 Types Of Presser-Foots

You will get a regular presser foot, a buttonhole presser, and a zipper foot with the machines. As the presser-foots will come with the machine, you won’t have to make trouble collecting the presser-foots from stores.

With the zipper-foot help, you can do piping, cording, and not to mention attaching zippers effortlessly.

The buttonhole-foot will not only make exquisite button openings; it will also help you to make ribbons, making slots on the garments.

With all three presser-foots, you will be able to perform a vast range of projects successfully.

Free Motion Sewing

You can’t drop the feed dogs, but the machine has a solution to that. It comes with a darning plate.

You can make the free motion for quilting, embroidering, or making any designs on garments with the darning plate.

Actually, feed dogs tug the fabric forward while sewing in straight lines. But, you don’t want fabrics to move forward when you are quilting, embroidering, or sewing customized designs. 

This is why the machine has a darning plate. Also, this is sewists right getting to perform free-motion stitching. It’s good that the manufacture takes it seriously.

Presser-Foot Lifting Higher

This machine is not recommended for complex sewing or heavy sewing materials. Amazingly, this machine can easily handle different layered fabrics.

To facilitate the process of sewing the thick fabric layers, you can lift the presser-foots higher. If you set it higher, setting thicker layers under will become easier. Also, you will be to move the layers smoothly under the presser foot despite being thicker.

This also prevents you from straining your finger. Also, it helps you avoid needle-on-finger injury. 

To make sure the fabric layers are being fed properly, we need to press the fabric layers down, but you won’t have to do that in this machine. For this, you can address it as a blessing and call the machine user-friendly.

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  • User friendly
  • Simple set-up
  • Compact formation
  • Lightweight
  • Operates quietly
  • 4-step buttonhole making
  • 750 stitches per minute
  • Diagrams for threading
  • LED-lit workspace
  • Double spool pins
  • Darning plate
  • Simple starting guide
  • Clear instructional manual
  • A small number of basic stitches
  • No decorative stitches
  • Only foot pedal speed controlling
  • Lacks Automated features
  • Threads get jammed sometimes
  • Bobbin gets jammed occasionally
  • Can’t adjust stitches
  • Not suitable for complex sewing

FAQ About Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

Can’t I drop the feed-dogs?

A: No, you can’t. But the machine will provide you with a darning plate to avoid the feed-dogs.

Is this machine kid-friendly?

A: Not really. It has been developed solely for mature beginner-level users.

Final Thoughts

Despite this machine lacking some features, but it serves a new learner with dedication. As it bears most of the learners’ necessary features, it has been highly recommended by users.

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