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How To Make Sewing Machine Lift?

Merz Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism Hardware
Merz Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism Hardware

If you want to make the sewing process convenient, making a mechanical lift for you is surely an excellent idea! Some people love to perform DIY constantly.

If you are a passionate sewist, we can tell you have wanted to make some special kind of table for your sewing machine at some point.

In that regard, you certainly heard of a cabinet that has a lift, and your machine will rest in it when you are not using it! 

What Is A Sewing Machine Lift?

It’s a particular kind of table or cabinet where you can flush your sewing machine, and you can take it out with an automated process when you need it. The flushing of the machine and taking it out automatically is done by a machine lift.

Just think about it, there will be less dust on your machine. Also, you could use it as a normal table when you are not sewing. Again, you might not want your machine table anywhere in your house, with the machine being exposed on it. But, if you make this special cabinet with a lift for your sewing machine, you can place the table anywhere you want it to be. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Different Lift Mechanisms For Sewing Machine Cabinets

Before we get on with the DIY of the cabinet with a lift for your sewing machine, you should learn about what sorts of machine lifts are there for your sewing machine. Also, sometimes the incorporation of a lift depends on what kind of cabinet you are aiming to build. Let’s learn about that, so you know what kind of cabinet with the lift, you need to build for your sewing machine.

There are mainly 3 types of sewing machine lifts, such as manual lift, airlift, and electric lift. Let’s go over them one by one.

Manual Lift

This is a simple type of lift that can be seen in a very basic kind of sewing machine cabinet. The mechanism is also quite simple for this lift. You will find a lever in this unit that will activate a hinge to bring your machine from a free arm to the flatbed setting.  

Air Lift

You will find this lift in some higher-quality sewing machine cabinets. It mainly works by pushing a button. There is a hydraulic lift that can raise and lower the machine in various positions.

You will find some extra features in a cabinet that contains an airlift. You can lock the machine into a position by pushing a button. If you want, you can set your machine in the flatbed position; also, you can set it for tabletop use.

Electric Lift

These lifts are found on the best quality sewing machine cabinets. As the name suggests, it is driven by electricity. In this ensemble, you can put your machine in a flatbed position or tabletop/arm position like the airlift cabinets.

Now that you have a thorough knowledge of different kinds of machine lifts, you can hopefully start making one with the help of our guide. Let’s make an exquisite house for your sewing machine!


You will mainly be needing a worktop (50/100 cm), 4 tables sides, 1 mini wood panel (30/60 cm), mini board cutter, drilling machine, measurement tape, wheels, screw and bolts with nuts, angle connector screws, good quality adhesive, and any of the lifts mentioned above you want in your machine.

Step 1

We have already provided you with the size of the table. If you want, you can readjust the size in length and width. Be careful about determining the size, or you might make it too short.

Step 2

You need to start making the cabinet at this stage. So, grab the legs of the table and add them to the worktop.

Step 3

You can add the wheels to the legs now and set them in locked positions.

Step 4

Once the wheels are set, it’s time to make some selves for any of the sides of your machine. You can make drawers as well if you want.

Whatever you wish to make, you should carefully measure, buy enough supplies, and add them well. DIY projects feel great when you measure accurately, as well as get to building things accurately.

Step 5

Once you are done with the drawers or shelves for the cabinet, next, you need to cut the worktop to set your machine. Now, take your machine and place it on the worktop, then mark the position.

Step 6

Next, cut the tabletop following the position of your machine. You can add some foam on the wall of the room that you made for the machine. That way, your machine will stay unharmed when you are sliding it in and out for sewing activity.

Step 7

Now you need to incorporate the lift that you have bought for your machine. Use the drilling machine to set the lift inside the cabinet.

Step 8

When the lift is set, try operating it and add your sewing machine to it. And, the cabinet with a lift is ready for your sewing machine.

Benefits of Sewing Machine Lift

First of all, when you have a lift under the table or cabinet for your sewing machine, it enables you to set it in many convenient positions. When you can set the machine in the position you are comfortable in, it helps with relative wrist pain.

There are mainly three kinds of adjustment. One is a free arm position, another is a flatbed position, and another one is stowing the machine. You can also set the height of the machine if you want.

People who have a normal sewing machine table have felt the need for the benefits of having a specialized cabinet. You must have experienced times when you felt, ‘if I could set my sewing machine in this height or in that position.’ A cabinet with a sewing machine lift can make all the wishes come true regarding the convenient setting of the sewing machine.

To Warp-up

Overall, the sewing machine lift makes the sewing process easier and allows you to keep the stitches straight. The amazing versatility of the machine lift makes it desiring to all the sewists.

Also, when it comes to taking care of your sewing machine, a cabinet with a lift is the best option to employ. Whether it’s a mechanical lift, or an adjustable lift, or an airlift, the core features will simply act as bliss for the sewing process. 

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