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How To Sew Without A Sewing Machine

How To Sew Without A Sewing Machine

Not everyone knows how to sew by hand. Many have chosen not to learn due to the common belief that sewing by hand is complicated and time-consuming.

However, this is the easiest way to work on your clothes when you do not have a sewing machine.

Learning how to sew without a sewing machine is easy. You need not necessarily undergo a class for it.

Having the skill comes in handy when you are dealing in delicate fabrics, want to do just a simple repair, or are attaching something to the fabric or cloth.

The Process of Learning to Sew By Hand

To learn hand sewing, one of the first things you need to know is the tools that you require. Sewing with and without a machine calls for the use of the same tools, which are rather different. For instance, one of the most important tools is the needle.

The sewing machine and hand sewing needles differ. Whereas that of the sewing machine has a wide top and its needle eye is at the bottom, a hand sewing needle’s eye is at the top, which is also a bit smaller compared to that of the machine. Next, you need a thread and the fabric.

Hand sewing threads are sometimes as thin as those of the machine are but are packed small. Also, you need scissors or thread clippers for cutting the thread and a thimble to avoid pricking yourself. Once set with the tools, you are good to start sewing.

First, trim the thread so that it becomes narrow enough to fit through the needle eye easily. Fit it through the needle eye, pull up to around 18 inches, and tie a knot at the end. This is a single strap form of threading. Once you have taken these steps, you are ready to start hand sewing.

Hand sewing uses different types of stitches to achieve different desired results. The running stitch is the simplest stitch to bring about and the most commonly used in things like repairs. This stitch is a basic stitch in hand sewing and most beginners start with it.

Using the thread and needle prepared above and your fabric, run the tup and down on it. How exactly you may be wondering. Well, pierce the fabric from its back on the path that you want to sew and pull it up the front.

Now, from the front, leaving a small margin like saying a quarter an inch, pierce the fabric so that the needle goes through the back and again from the back, leaving the same margin to pierce it into the front. Repeat the same process until you are sewed.

When you successfully make a straight or at least a stitch run from one end to the other with indifference in variations, you can say that you have successfully learned how to sew. Performing other stitches such as hemming will be easy to learn and do.

As you can see from the above steps, it is easy to learn how to sew without using a sewing machine. When you successfully know how to not depend on the sewing machine, then you can save on money you use on tailors and the time spent on the machine even in an easy sewing job. It is a good skill to have as a hobby.

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