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Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Review

Sailrite LSZ-1 PREMIUM

The Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultra-feed LSZ-1 Sewing-Machine features a powerful, straight/zigzag walking foot machine that is loaded up with the best of accessories.

The package is perfect for people who require heavy-duty and portable machines to sew heavy sails and canvases.

The Sailrite Ultra-feed leads in versatility and performance when sewing a straight or zigzag stitch. It is built with the most durable and reliable parts to allow sewing materials like denim, sailcloth, heavy canvas, or upholstery fabrics easy.

Features of the Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1


This is a kind of wheel that is a solid 7-lb nickel-plated steel Balance-Wheel with two times the power and size of a traditional wheel.

Due to its size, it allows faster and longer revolutions that is perfect for operating the machine when using the foot pedal. Combined with the hand crank, this is the perfect manual operating system for this machine.

Posi-Pin Clutching system

For maximum 100% power transfer, this clutching is designed to transfer power from the balance wheel to the needle for faster, consistent, and more accurate sewing.

Transfer of power beginning at the Balance-Wheel to the needle is why this machine will sew through heavy-duty material.

Presser’s foot peddle

The extra-wide presser-foot has a built-in piping tunnel with an extra high, 3/8” foot lift with a variable 6mm stitch length in a straight line stitch and a 5 mm width zigzag stitch.

These two stitching styles are standard features in any heavy-duty material, especially denim and canvas.

Deluxe carrying case

The deluxe carrying case made in the United States products allows you to carry this sewing machine anywhere.

Made from heavy-duty material, this case is compartmentalized to store and carry all the sewing machine components and related tools.

It has a strap with a reinforced cushioned buckle to provide a firmer and more comfortable grip.

Components and tools

The Ultra feed LSZ-1 Premium Walking Foot Sewing Machine is available with a 1” swing-away binder, EZ set stitch length plate, kickstand, assorted needle pack, integrated thread stand, tool kit, white V-92 thread, electronic foot control, Power Plus balance-wheel, sewing machine oil, DVD and guide book.


  • A versatile sewing machine with optimum performance.
  • It is portable, which makes it a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty sewing machine.
  • It is designed both as an electric and hand and foot-operated sewing that allows you to use it at home, in a workshop, or out in the sea, mending your boat sails.
  • The zigzag and straight stitches that these sewing machine stitches are perfect for all heavy-duty materials.


  • Some parts break easily.
  • It is not easy to use for beginners as it requires some technical heavy-duty material sewing knowledge.

Final Verdict

The Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultra-feed LSZ-1 Premium walking-foot sewing machine wins on all fronts. First, there is no other walking foot sewing machine available in the market, making this a trailblazer in the industry.

It is clear that Sailrite designed and manufactured a machine that will meet the unique needs of the target market.

Because of its versatility and performance, the off-grid options, and the monster Wheel II and Posi-Pin clutching system, with all its benefits, this is just about the right machine to have.

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