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How To Fix Sewing Machine Handwheel?

Black & Decker 5140032-48 Handwheel
Black & Decker 5140032-48 Handwheel

It’s nothing unusual to find your sewing machine malfunctioning in its prolonged service period.

Specifically, if your handwheel is acting up now, follow our guide for repairing it by yourself!

It might not be feasible for you to take the sewing machine to a mechanic urgently. We suggest you proceed carefully step by step with us.

In the process, you will also develop a thorough understanding of why the handwheel in the sewing machine stops working occasionally. 

Reasons Handwheel Malfunction For

If you don’t identify the reason first, you can’t attempt to fix the handwheel, can you? Let’s make you familiar with the possible reason. So, you can identify the actual reason and try to repair the handwheel correctly. Also, there are some common reasons and some uncommon reasons behind a malfunctioned handwheel.

Common Reasons For a Jammed Handwheel

Sometimes the handwheel gets jammed, and it seems hard to turn it anticlockwise. Also, you might need to do some readjustment of the inner knob. Threading could be another reason. If you thread it inaccurately, it requires re-threading. You can find some issues with the bobbin case as well. Let’s dig into the potential reasons why the handwheel of your sewing machine is jammed.

Tension Knob Readjustment

If you see the machine producing entangled thread beneath the fabric you are sewing, you need to carry out re-threading.

Some of you might think it’s happing because of some issue in the bobbin; actually, the problem is with the tension knob. It is having difficulty tugging the thread from the top to the needle

So, you better look into the upper threading. Then, re-thread and readjust the tension knob.

Machine Threaded Improperly

It’s very much possible to perform incorrect threading in your machine. Even it’s quite normal for expert sewists to make this mistake. 

It’s not about questioning your expertise. Always take a look at both upper and lower threading stages to specify the season when the handwheel is stuck.

Gunked Up Machine

Cleaning and dusting of your sewing machine mainly depend on how often you are using the machine. It’s recommended to clean the machine every four months if you are an occasional user of your sewing machine.

On the other hand, if you are always on some projects, you should clean the machine after finishing every project. 

Bobbin case, tension knob- both can have built-up lint, fizz, dust, and thread. Make sure you check those and clean them properly with a flexible lint brush.

Belt Replacement

The belt of your machine can be broken. Open the case with a compatible screwdriver and take a look. When the belt is broken, the needle and handwheel can’t cooperate in the stitching function. 

You can’t fix the belt by yourself. In this case, you clearly need to take your machine to an adept sewing machine mechanic. 

Although you can’t fix it by yourself this time, you know what is happing with your machine.

Oiling The Machine 

You could forget to apply oil to your machine. If we have just made you realize that, go ahead and oil your sewing machine in the right manner. 

Also, you can end up over-oiling the machine. The handwheel can malfunction for this reason too. You should be careful about putting oil in the machine. If you are not sure, refer to the user manual to find out the right spots that you should oil.

Sometimes lubricants cause sewing machines to get stuck. That’s why users are not big fans of lubricants. You should opt for clear oil for your sewing machine.

Uncommon Reasons For a Jammed Handwheel

The issues mentioned below are more likely to happen in the older machines. Most of us own the modern sewing machine these days. By any chance, if you have an older machine, you can inspect the machine in the following ways.

Inner-knob Adjustment

This issue is very rare to happen in modern sewing machines. The problem with the inner-knob adjustment is usually found in the older machines.

If you have an older machine and the handwheel is still jammed up, you should check the inner knob. To deal with this problem, you need to unravel the machine. If you find the knob stuck, loosen it up. Hopefully, the handwheel should move freely now.

Overworked Machine

This could be a reason for your handwheel to get stuck in the stitching process. The modern sewing machines have an auto shut-off system integrated into them. If the machine is overworked and heated, then it shuts off automatically. That’s why it is uncommon to see the handwheel getting jammed from overheating in modern sewing machines.

On the contrary, older machines don’t have an auto shut-off system. If the handwheel is jammed of your sewing machine, it could be because you have been operating it for hours.

Moving Handwheel Inappropriately

This issue has nothing to do with what age the machine is from. Still, you can mistakenly move the handwheel of the sewing machine clockwise. When it happens, the motor inside the machine can go through some serious functioning issues. 

You certainly can’t fix it on your own. But, you can take it to some expert sewing mechanic.

To Avoid Additional Malfunctions

As we have already mentioned in some of the sections, your machines can require the attention of mechanics. In this kind of case, don’t try to fix your machine by yourself. You are aware of the necessary functioning, but you most possibly have no idea about the critical functions of the machine. It is normal, isn’t it? If your try to fix an issue that requires a mechanics’ hand, you might end up causing further issues to the machine.

Also, you could be unfamiliar with the general functioning of your sewing machine. That is also okay. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you better don’t do it. You might think the manual will help you big deal alongside our guide.

But, user manuals don’t necessarily include all the above-mentioned problems. So, don’t try to fix the machine being unsure. You might create some other dysfunctions, and that could cost you extra money in the fixing process.

Final Words

If you are fairly familiar with your sewing machine mechanism, you can fix the stuck handwheel successfully. Although in some cases you can’t fix it at home, at least you will be able to figure out the reasons. Thus, you know when it requires experts’ attention. Our guide will hopefully help you either way. 

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