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Singer Sewing Machine 5560 Review

Singer Sewing Machine 5560

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This Singer sewing machine model will aid you adequately to practice, explore, and boost your sewing potential. You will find people to call it a Singer 5560 sewing machine or Singer fashion mate 5560 sewing machine.

However, we will provide you with all the crucial details of this machine. So, you can decide on what sort of sewing machine you want to go for.

Features Of Singer Sewing Machine 5560

This particular sewing machine from Singer has many useful features. You will see that it is a fairly technologically advanced sewing machine. The features will fulfill the needs for sewing projects out-and-out. Read on to learn about all of its features and how they will benefit you in sewing activities.

Automated Properties For Easy Operation

This machine has some automatic attributes that make it highly user-friendly. Let’s take a look at them-

Automatic Needle Threading

For starters, there is an automatic needle threading feature for you. This feature is invaluable for users. It saves you from being fully dependent on your eye-sight and nimble fingers. 

This built-in needle threading process is such a helpful feature because it can be hard to thread the needle manually.

Automatic Stitch Length and Width

There is also an option for setting an automatic stitch length and width. It can require you to change the length and width of the selected stitching style in different stages of projects.

To do that, we usually stop the sewing process. Then, we adjust the stitch length and width and resume sewing. Setting stitching length and width is indicative of disruption in the sewing process. 

With this automated stitch length and width adjusting process, you will have a smooth sewing experience in this Singer sewing machine model. 

Automatic Thread Tension

Setting the thread tension and handling the thread tension guide is a tough job. Beginners could find it considerably difficult to set accurate tension for the thread by moving the tension wheel. 

Besides, it can be a time-consuming step in the threading process. It has been made easy for you with the automatic thread tension option and saves you a great deal of time.

Also, inaccurate tension can cause the needle to break. Also, threads can get tangled with improper thread tension. So, you have nothing to worry about the thread tension if you choose to buy this model.

Mind-Blowing Stitch Collections

This Singer sewing machine has a huge collection of 100 different stitches. How amazing is that?

To start, there are 9 basic stitching styles. Then, you will find 76 exquisite decorative stitches. Also, there are 8 kinds of stretch stitches. Finally, you will have 6 completely automatic 1-step buttonholes making a stitch.

Undoubtedly, you will not be missing any necessary stitches here. Also, selecting them is no sweat. There is a LED screen on the machine to set and adjust your befitting stitch.

Appropriate Needle Adjustment

Zipper stitching, edge stitching, and top-stitching are made easier in this machine. It has an option for adjusting the needle in various positions according to the stitching types.

This is surely helpful for performing different stitching as you don’t always stitch the same way. When you get to move the needle with the stitching, it makes the process undeniably easier.

Supportive Unit Of Presser-Foot

This machine comes along with different types of presser-foot. You will find 4 kinds of the presser foot, such as straight-stitch foot, zipper foot, sew-easy foot, and buttonhole foot. They are made and used for their distinctive purposes.

Straight-stitch Foot

This is also known as general-use or multipurpose foot. Straight stitch or zigzag stitch, it can be used in all stitching categories.

Zipper Foot

You can sew a zipper and infix the piping without any difficulty.

Sew-easy Foot

Sewists love this particular foot as it helps the most to get the stitches straight. This presser foot has an extended arm on a side and an adjustable plastic guide that moves side to side. 

Button-hole Foot

This is already self-explanatory. You can utilize it to sew a button without any hassle.

Color-coded Thread Guides

It can be a little confusing while following the thread guides one-by-one. Also, you need to utilize different thread guides in bobbin threading and the machine’s actual threading. It’s trouble to figure out the right thread guides for specific purposes.

Fortunately, this machine has an incredible feature of color-coded thread guides. For instance, thread guides that are to be used in the bobbin threading are in purple color. And its machine threading guides can be found in grey color. Trust me; this color-coded feature is a lifesaver because it’s truly hard to get the guides right. 

Front-loading Bobbin Case

Installing bobbins in a sewing machine is another challenge. Gladly, this machine has a convenient placement for the bobbin.

It contains a front-loading bobbin case on the machine’s left side—this way, it is easier to find out the bobbin case and set it inside the shuttle. 

Two Types Of Spool Pins

These two types of pins will allow you to set the thread differently while threading the bobbin. If you want the thread horizontally, you go for the main spool pin.

And, if you want the thread to be set vertically, then you use the auxiliary spool. What is the use of spool pins in general? You place spools of thread in this, and they hold the spools. 

Darning Plate

This is another useful feature of this machine. Sometimes while you try performing a complicated sewing project, fabrics tend to get dragged in unwanted directions.

That can be annoying for the sewing process. To prevent that, this machine comes with a darning foot assisting you in complex sewing attempts.

Ample Stitching Area

This machine has an extension table which provides you with enough working area. You will be able to move the fabric and your arms freely. Above all, it simply makes the sewing smoother. 

Free-arm Set-up

If you remove the accessory compartment, you get the machine in the free-arm setting. This will enable you to sew cuffs, sleeves, pant legs, and small designs. This can come in handy for hemming and adding patches as well. 

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  • Easy buttonhole-making option with the automatic one-step buttonhole feature
  • Selecting the desired buttonhole type
  • Adjustable needle position
  • Not too heavy if you need shifting the work-area
  • Metal frame: hence it’s sturdy and has a great longevity
  • Removable storage compartment
  • Freeing the space to access the needle plate
  • LED screen for selecting stitches
  • Bigger Working Space with an extension table
  • Free-arm setting
  • Easier operation
  • LED-lit needle area
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • It comes with a machine-cover
  • Not the lightest model
  • Doesn’t have a walking foot
  • Hard to sew thicker fabrics

FAQ About Singer Fashion Mate 5560

How much the machine weighs?

A: Its dimensions are 22.13 x 14.8 x 13.15 inches. That makes it a 21.8 pounds medium-sized machine. 

Can you do quilting and monogramming with this model of Singer sewing machine?

A: Yes! That’s why it comes with a darning plate. Even I am feeling like buying this machine now!

Final Thoughts

It looks like this Singer 5560 will help you thoroughly with stitching projects because it is loaded with helpful features. Moreover, beginners or experts, all users could opt for this machine. Overall, this model of Singer is highly recommended to start exploring sewing full-on! 

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1 thought on “Singer Sewing Machine 5560 Review”

  1. I have a brand new Singer 5560 Fashion Mate. I have read the manual, watch videos and even spoke to support at Singer, and for what ever reason, while attempting to sew a buttonhole , error C2 will not clear, therefore it will not allow me to sew buttonholes. They buttonhole pressure foot is down all the way, yet it gives me C2 error as if it’s not, and I’m telling you, it is threaded correctly, on securely… everything lined up perfect… it just will not accept that the pressure foot is all the way down.

    How do I fix this? Person at Singer stated I needed to send it to a repair shop which is ridiculous because this is a brand new sewing machine… first time it’s been used. I’ve shut it off, unplugged it, even went as far as putting the other foot back on there to see if it would sew a stitch and it did, perfectly. When I put the buttonhole foot back on there nice and secure, locked in place…. C2! It will NOT accept that it is down or lowered all the way down.

    HELP PLEASE!!!! I bought this to sew buttonholes so I’m extremely disappointed!


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