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Singer Brilliance 6180 Review – (Great Learning Assistant)

SINGER Brilliance 6180 Portable Sewing Machine

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Singer Brilliance 6180 can serve you brilliantly with its purposeful functions and features. By ‘you,’ we are actually pointing towards entry-level users. It will act as a great learning assistant.

Here, we are not just going to look at the features of this machine. We will point out the benefits of the features and help you to see how it’s going to serve in the journey of sewing.

Features Of Singer 6180 Portable Sewing Machine

This machine does have some unique features. Let’s see what does this particular sewing machine from Singer has to offer you.

Less Noisy

This machine is designed to be relatively quiet than other machines, even if you run it at the highest speed. Also, you won’t find it to vibrate much in the process of sewing in the high-speed motion.

Free Arm

You can remove the extension table from the machine’s body. This will give you access to use to free arm while planning to work on hems, pants, sleeves, cuffs, patches, and other intricate sewing projects.

Lift Easy

If it necessitates, you could easily carry it from one place to another as there is a handle on the machine.

Not all sewing machines from Signer come with a handle. This is a considerably useful feature as carrying a sewing machine could be troublesome sometimes.

Stitch Design Board

The prominent characteristic of this machine is the display of stitch categories on its front side. The display of the stitches is practically clear and accurate. This gives the machine a user-friendly trait.

Wisely Designed

You will find the bobbin winder, thread tension disk, thread cutter suitably placed on this machine. Calling it well or wisely is designed because you can access the mentioned parts of the machines from the front. Hence, you get to operate the machine easily.

Wide Range Of Stitch Collection

This machine has 80 different types of stitching styles. You will find some beautiful decorative stitch styles as well. Hopefully, the stitch collection with decorative stitches will allow you to explore stitching to your highest potential.

6 Different 1-Step Buttonhole Styles

No more same buttonhole style! For a beginner-level sewing machine like this, having various styles of buttonholes is incredible.

Most of the machines in this category don’t have this range of buttonhole styles. In that regard, Singer 6180 is standing unique and helping you to create beautiful things.

Easy Stitch Adjustment

The machine has buttons at the front, right above the stitch design board. You will be able to adjust the stitch length and width, simply pressing those buttons.

Technologically Enhanced

Along with the LED display and buttons for stitch selection, this machine contains LED light around the needle area. This makes the sewing machine remarkably convenient, and who doesn’t appreciate good lighting in terms of stitching.

The machine is computerized, considering your needs and activities. Overall, you will not find it hard to operate.

Built-in Needle Threader

Needle threading can be a hair-tearing activity for some people. This machine has been built with an automatic needle threader making the process breezy for you.

Also, all the starter sewing machines don’t possess this feature. This machine will take only 6 seconds to complete the threading. On the contrary, it’s time-consuming if you do it by hand.

Automatic Thread Tension

Setting the thread tension could be head-scratching for some people. Worry not; this machine has an automated thread tension. Especially for the novice, this feature is certainly an effective one. 

Inappropriate thread tension will hinder the sewing process. Moreover, the needle can break for this, which is undoubtedly risky. With this feature, there will be no tension for setting the thread tightness wrong.

3 Different Presser-Foots

This machine comes along with one all-purpose presser foot, zipper presser foot, and buttonhole foot. With all these three sorts of foots, you could attempt more or less any beginner projects.

Snap-on Presser Foot

With this particular feature, you can easily add and remove presser foot according to your needs by pulling and pushing them on the post for the foots.

Metal Body

We have mentioned earlier the machine vibrates less about other machines. The reason is the body of the machine is covered with a metal frame. The machine doesn’t just sit steady; the metal frame confirms its longevity as well.

Speed Control

This is a feature that helps beginners extensively. You might want to slow down the speed as you have just started learning. This machine has this feature only for the newbie.

Instructional DVD

You will find the elaborate step-by-step process for the machine’s whole operation in the DVD that comes with it. The user’s manual always doesn’t help. In that regard, visual guides can always help you a great deal.

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  • LED screen
  • Easy stitch selecting process
  • 750 fine stitches per-minute
  • Compact design
  • Reverse stitch capability
  • Speed adjustment
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It comes along with other necessary accessories
  • No undo-option on the LED system
  • Can’t drop the feed dogs
  • Needle is pre-set
  • Foot Controlling, no on/off button
  • Not suitable for bulky fabrics or materials
  • Comparatively smaller working area

FAQ About Singer Brilliance 6180

Can I attempt quilting in this machine?

A: For all the quilting lovers, yes, you can. This machine comes with a darning plate.

Can I really not sew any heavy fabrics/materials?

A: This machine is not built to perform heavy stitching. You can still try to stitch heavy materials, but it will be challenging.

Essentially, this is a pressure on the ability of the machine. The machine will not serve its best in a case like this.

In Conclusion

Although this machine lacks its features, it’s still a smart choice for new sewers. Besides, it is highly recommended by experts as a beginner-friendly machine.

If you can get the stitches, needle, and fabric right, you will likely end up with satisfactory project results. If you face any problem in the operation process, you will be provided great customer care. 

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