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SINGER 3337 Simple Sew Machine Review

SINGER 3337 Simple Sew Machine

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If you are a new user of a sewing machine and you are short-listing sewing machines to figure out which one would be a thoughtful purchase, you have come to the right place to seek help. 

Initially, the SINGER 3337 machine is a good pick for beginners. Nevertheless, continue reading to check out its features and perks. This way, you will be able to weigh its attributions in balance with your requirements as a very first sewing machine. 

Features Of SINGER 3337 Simple Sew Machine

To start off, it’s a chic and cutting-edge sewing machine as a learner-level sewing machine. Besides, this sewing machine is remarkably user-friendly. Go over its particularities below and learn how helpful this machine can be for you.

Variety Of Stitching Styles

This sewing machine has a unit of 29 built-in stitches that contains decorative and basic stitches. Furthermore, it has a 1-step buttonhole.

Automated Needle Threading System

It’s another amazing characteristic of this sewing machine as a technologically advanced tool. Manual needle threading can be a frustrating procedure for some people. Therefore, they made it convenient for users by adding this helpful feature of automatic needle threading. Now, you don’t need to solely depend on the joint endeavor of your hand and eyes to thread the needle.

Top Drop-in Bobbin

Installing bobbin has been made simpler and less time-consuming with the drop-in bobbin configuration. You won’t have to tilt or slump your head to set the bobbin in its proper place. In the setting of the drop-in bobbin, all you need is to remove the needle plate and drop the bobbin in its carrier.

Portable Design

As a standard-sized sewing machine, it weighs less than 16 pounds. Hence, where should you place it in your sewing room is not a big concern. Also, carrying is from one place to another in necessity is no sweat.

Easy Navigation

You can select the stitch without any hassle by moving the dial to the front side of the machine. Determining stitch length and width is no trouble, and you could do that with a dial as well.

Automated Thread Tension System

In this sewing machine, you will be able to maintain accurate thread tension with the purposeful feature of the button operation. You won’t have to deal with any dial.

Setting the right thread tension could be tough sometimes. Also, inaccurate thread tension can cause the needle to snap, which is a safety hazard. Gladly, with the feature of automatic thread tension, you have nothing to be concerned about. 

Free Arm Arrangement

By detaching the storage compartment, you can set the free arm. You can place sleeves, cuffs, pant legs, patches, small designs, and hems on the arm and sew them smoothly.

Multiple Presser-Foot

You will get 5 different kinds of presser foot with this machine, such as-a button-hole pressure foot, an all-purpose presser foot, a zipper presser foot, a button sewing presser foot, and a sew-easy presser foot. The sew-easy presser foot is the most favorite among sewists as it ensures straight stitching.

As the machine will be coming with necessary pressure foots, you don’t need to run around to collect them to start a project. All the presser foots can be used for their specific purposes. Moreover, you can easily add and remove a presser foot because the machine has a snap-on fitting style.  

Reverse Lever Capability

Reverse stitching or backstitching is crucial in a serious project or any simple stitching attempt. By setting the lever in reverse, you can finish the complete backstitching without a hitch in the process.

Assistance Of Mobile App

This is worth mentioning the benefit of this machine. It has a mobile application making sewing easier for you and proving itself as a truly user-friendly sewing gadget.

You will be assisted by the application from Singer for almost all sorts of setting procedures directly related to sewing. It will guide you step-by-step to serve you the optimal customer support and confirm you have the best sewing experience.

The app includes the suggestion for how to wind a bobbin, how to thread the machine, how to select and customize a stitch pattern.

All-in Online Tutorials

There are tutorials on the web from the Singer as well. That’s such a technology-enhanced solution! You will be provided with various stepwise guides regarding making a buttonhole, changing the needle, and so on. Overall, this service will help you thoroughly, making sure you can operate the machine with ease.

Handy Guidelines

It has guidelines affixed on the needle plate to guide the thread accurately. This is especially for flawless lower threading; also, holding and moving the fabric in a straight line.

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  • LED-lit sewing area
  • Snap-on Presser Foot Fitting
  • Additional useful Accessories
  • Long-lasting metal body
  • 750 stitches per-minute
  • Durable operation
  • Convenient positioning of thread take-up lever and thread cutter
  • Viable back-up for professional users
  • Affordable and technologically advanced
  • Comes with a darning plate
  • Built-in storage area
  • Metal bobbin winder
  • Automatic bobbin winding process
  • Don’t have much of a broad working area
  • Manual thread cutter system
  • Can’t adjust the width of all the stitches

FAQ About Singer Simple 3337

What are the dimensions of the machine?

A: 18 x 14 x 10.9 inches, that is 47 x 35 x 28 CM. Thus, it is a medium-size sewing machine.

What is the exact weight of the machine?

A: 15.87 pounds that make it 6.5kg. This is quite the right weight for a compact sewing machine like this one.

Is it suitable for quilting and embroidering?

A: Yes! By the way, you can utilize the darning plate to do a quilting project. But be a little careful about embroidering projects. As long as you choose simple embroidering, you should be fine.


Although this singer simple 3337 is not efficient for heavy and complex stitching, still, as a beginner-level sewing machine, it’s promising with its own features. It will help you to get done with projects satisfactorily with its supportive features.

It’s not a feature-rich machine as it has been developed as a starter gadget, yet it’s a quality sewing machine. What is more, it’s not a machine to use in professional sewing projects, but advanced-level users can assuredly keep it as a backup to engage it in their projects.

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